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Your Amazon Seller Account is Pre‑approved for Daily Payments!

Tired of waiting for payment? Get paid instantly when you generate earnings from Amazon.

Instant Access to Your Earnings for a Small 2% Flat-rate Fee

Immediate Transfer to Your Bank

Deposit funds directly to your bank account via ACH, same-day ACH or wire.

Transfer to Your Payability Card

Get 2% cash back for transferring to your Payability pre-funded card.


Manage your Payability card

Get a unique credit card number to spend your earnings, and easily transfer money to your card

Real-time reporting for your e-commerce earnings

View your earnings on a daily basis from your mobile phone or desktop.

Easily reconcile your e-commerce earnings with our payments

See how much we’ve paid you, what is being held in reserve, and any fees we have charged.

How Does Payability Work?

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Payability Makes Cash Flow Easy:

  • Setup a Payability account and connect your marketplace accounts.
  • We’ll review your sales history and earnings and provide specific pricing and advance limits.
  • Get Paid. Really, it’s that simple.

    You can receive your payments as an automatic transfer directly into your bank account (via ACH or Wire) or as credit on a Payability credit card, which also provides 2% cash back on everything you spend.

Payability offers a flexible, scalable financing solution giving you the capital you need to grow your business.

Instant Access to your Earnings for a Small 2% Flat-Rate Fee

Stay in the Buy Box!

Sellers that use Payability can order inventory faster to ensure they don’t lose Buy Box status – or sales.

Fast Transfer to your Bank!

We’ll transfer funds from your earnings – every day – directly to your bank account or Payability credit card.

Earn 2% Cash Back

Get an additional 2% cash back on purchases made with your Payability credit card.

Industries We Serve


You need inventory to keep up with demand

As an Amazon Vendor, the average wait time to receive payment for Purchase Orders is 60 days – if your product is selling through this means you could be fulfilling your 4th or 5th PO by the time you receive payment for the first. This delay in payment can leave you scrambling to keep up with demand.

For Amazon Sellers, waiting 2-3 weeks for payout from Amazon can cause you to miss out on opportunities because of cashflow. Introducing Payability Instant Access. Next day access to your sales revenue.

Learn more about Payability’s Instant Access.

A unique financing solution

There are many financing solutions out there, here are a few key ways Payability is different:

  • Fast. Payability pays weeks or months before you would normally receive payment from Amazon.

  • Automated. Set up Payability and start receiving your earnings on the cadence you choose (daily or weekly).

  • No Repayment. We advance funds to you based on your filled purchase orders or Amazon Sales, Amazon then pays us directly on their standard payment terms.

  • Scalable. Our funding scales as your sales grow. You no longer have to slow your growth due to financing constraints.

APP Stores

You need cash to reinvest in user acquisition

Payability can pay out your app or game sales weekly, so you’re able to reinvest in user acquisition sooner – taking advantage of lower CPUs and growing your business 4x faster.

Benefit from Accelerating App Store Revenue

  • Grow Faster. With the working capital you need to readily reinvest in user acquisition, you’re able to grow your user base nearly 4x faster than waiting for normal payment terms.

  • No Headaches. Receive your earnings automatically to your bank account so you can focus on your business – not chasing payments.

  • Increase Working Capital. We advance funds to you weekly or monthly so you have the working capital you need today – not in 30 days.

  • No Limits. Unlike traditional financing, our funding scales as your sales grow. You no longer have to slow your growth due to financing constraints.


Faster Payment Terms

Why should it take 60 days to receive payment for an ad served in 60 milliseconds?

Payability accelerates your earnings from Ad Networks and Advertisers, either daily, weekly or monthly. You no longer have to wait 30+ days to receive the capital you need to reinvest in your business.

Seamless and Simple

When you enroll with Payability we integrate directly with the marketplaces you already work with. They report your earnings to us and we pay you based on those earnings. The marketplaces will then pay us directly. The entire process is transparent, seamless, and automated. After you’ve set your payment cadence—daily, weekly, or monthly—we take care of the rest.

Products & Pricing

A Solution to Fit your Needs

With Payability you receive your marketplace revenue faster.

Instant Access

Don’t Let Cash Flow Limit your Growth

Amazon Sellers wait up to 14 days to get paid for sales. With Payability Instant Access, you can access your sales next day, giving you the cashflow for sourcing, advertising and growing your business faster.

Specifically designed for Amazon Sellers, Payability instant access is the faster payments solution that allows you to access the cash you need to grow your business faster.

Avoid lost sales by replenishing inventory faster with access to your sales next day.

Current minimum requirements: 90 days sales history on Amazon.com, located in the US, UK or Canada.

For Amazon Sellers doing less than $12,500, a minimum monthly fee applies. Read more about our Growth program.

Payability Gives you Cash for your Amazon Sales the Next Day

  • Access yesterday’s sales today

  • No personal credit check

  • Get the cash you need to grow your business

  • Automated and seamless

  • Transfer to your bank account for free

Weekly Payments

Get paid this week for last week’s earnings.

Access the Capital You Need to Grow your Busines

Payability accelerates payment weekly to businesses with Net 30 to Net 90 terms. Instead of waiting weeks to receive your revenue, with Payability you receive last week’s earnings, this week. This automated accelerated cashflow gives you the capital you need to reinvest and grow your business faster.

Whether you’re an Amazon Vendor, Mobile App Developer or Publisher, you’re often waiting months for the cash you need to invest in growth. Revenue that you’ve generated in milliseconds is sitting out there when this capital could be working for you.

Automated Weekly Payments for Last Week’s Earnings

  • Receive last week’s earnings right to your bank account

  • Automated and seamless

  • No repayment