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Inventory Funding For Amazon Sellers

Save money and avoid debt by leveraging Upfund’s unique funding system.

  • No payments until your inventory is shipped and starts selling.
  • You pay off the debt as soon as the product sells, so you stay clean out of debt.
  • Low Flat Rate Fees.

Upfund’s Unique Solution

Unlike traditional lenders, UpFund requires you to start paying back only after you've started selling your inventory. This prevents you from having to borrow more than you need and keeps you out of debt.

We understand you need to maintain inventory levels on Amazon, so the Upfund system allows you to pick up more funds for the next round of inventory purchases as soon as sales start rolling in from the first, no refinancing required.

How UpFund Works?

UpFund works in 3 easy steps

Connect with your Amazon Account

Connecting your Amazon account enables us to retrieve your sales history and evaluate your business performance

Get a decision instantly

You’ll immediately be offered an amount based on the strength of your sales.

Raise Funds In minutes

Funds go directly to your bank account to fund your inventory purchase.

Common questions and support documentation

How much does it cost?

UpFund’s rates are 6-15%.

How is your rate cheaper than Amazon Lending and Kabbage?

  1. UpFund uses a flat fee rather then APR. This means fee's are not annualized. If you receive a 10% APR loan with another lender you are paying 20% annualized. With UpFund 10% is 10% and final. 
  2. UpFund offer no payments during lead and shipping time. With other lenders If you are a private labeler you will be paying principal and interest during lead and shipping time. 30 days manufacturing and 30 days shipping is creating more interest fee's that you must pay without inventory being sold. So you must pay this principal and interest from your own pocket or borrow more money to pay this principal and interest you actually dont need. 
  3. If you have a 60 day lead and shipping time we assume you create at lease 3 orders per year. This means you are paying 6 months worth of principal and interest which is eating away your profits and your not selling product.

How safe is my investment?

All Amazon sellers on UpFund.io are vetted for seasoned sales history, age of business and strength in buying power. These are strong sellers that have the ability to repay despite product outcome.

How does UpFund determine funding amount?

UpFund’s algorithm determines how much to fund a seller based on their historical sales data, units sold per month and overall strength of the business.

How is APY Calculated

How is Upfund's APY (Annual Percentage Yield) calculated?

APY is computed based on how long it takes to return the money, and how much it earns in that time, extrapolated over a year. Because each loan has multiple payments, each payment essentially will have it's own separate APY. We then combine all the APYs to compute the total APY on the entire investment. 

Below is a mathematical explanation with an example, of how it works. Proceed with caution