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“The specialized service provider in extracting Backend Search Terms and creating Optimized Listing Content on Amazon platform“

Key Services

Optimized SEO Title

We will create a powerful Amazon title that will rank you for various customer search terms.


The bullet points and product description are usually the second and third thing customers notice when they find your listing. Bullet points and description is the place where you can showcase your actual sales copy. We’ll create optimized bullet points and description that always look their best whenever customers find your listing.


We’ll optimize your backend search terms to increase your chances of being found by customers and boost your keyword ranking


Daily we will drive up to 300 unique visitors to your listing for 1 month through various social platforms

Revelation of Backend Search Terms of Any Amazon Product Listing

Find Out Your Amazon Competitors ‘Well-Optimized’ Backend Keywords and Use It for Your Own Listings.

You must be aware that your Amazon competitors are using certain BACKEND SEARCH TERMS for their products which enable their listings to land on the first page of the product searches. In turn that leads them to make thousands of sales every single day.

How about if you get to know your top competitor’s favorite backend search terms and using them for your own listings? Sounds crazy? But it is possible.

We provide this incredible service for Amazon product seller across USA, UK, Spain, Germany, Italy and France Marketplaces

1000+ Product Listings

Amazon Product Optimization Service

Compared to Google, Amazon.com is getting around thrice more search volumes for different products. It is time that you leveraged Amazon, the biggest online retail search engine, through optimizing your product listing. The algorithm works in a different way to Google and hence, the process behind optimizing Amazon.com through making effective product listing need to be done by experienced and skilled professionals.

We house a group of experienced Amazon SEO specialists and they work closely with product entry specialists who are working in sync with the natural ranking algorithm of Amazon. They then enhance product feature pages for search results, therefore enabling the online merchants to place their products on top, facing millions of Amazon clients all around the world.

Whilst focusing on the Amazon Marketing Services, the end goal is adopting the result-driven approach such as optimizing the product pages, resulting in obtaining higher rankings on Amazon and assisting you in achieving operational excellence.

The aforementioned techniques consist ensuring the product list page contains persuasive search terms, original content as well as additional related information that help boosting sales figures.

What we do

We help Amazon sellers master the art and science of Amazon business. We provide step-by-step guidance to establish their business on Amazon. We re-write your existing product title, description, bullet points and backend keywords so that your product listing stands out against your competitors. Generating revenue in ever-changing digital world is tremendous challenging task for any seller. The crux behind the Amazon business success is product listing optimization and that needs expertise.

For existing and new sellers – We provide most necessary services in product listing optimization. In simple words attract customers through better presentation of products on Amazon platform. Ultimately that reflects into better Best Seller RANK (BSR).

For existing sellers – Those are far behind in Best Seller RANK (BSR).and are not able to generate satisfactory revenue we find out the reasons and suggest as well as perform the remediation improvement.

For those who wants to reach maximum customers – We drive unique traffic to your listing. We provide all necessary services that enable driving unique traffic to your listing. We will promote your listing on various social platforms and drive up to 300 Unique Visitors to your listing daily for 1 month


Amazon Optimization

As an Amazon seller, you need to create an optimized Amazon product listing to get your products found by Amazon users and to convert visitors into customers. Amazon listing optimization will help you enjoy increased sales, traffic, profit and a higher Amazon product ranking. We are here to help you do just that!

Sales battle winning keys

Significance of Product Title – First winning key:

The product title plays extraordinary role in product listing ranking. It is very essential that the title hasto be populated with all possible combination of searchable keywords. Generally enormous number of visitors across the globe key-in any single or combination of keywords to search the desired product. If product is very well crafted and populated with rich and relevant words, then the chances of getting the product indexed at top of the product listing exhibits phenomenal results; in short your product is displayed to the visitors in very top pages.

Product title is the highly important factor in Amazon listing as compared to product description,product photos and consumer ratings.Crafting a strong keyword rich product TITLE is key to retain a visitor on your product page.

Significance of Bullet Points with simple explanation – Second winning key

Elaborating in simple terms the usability and functionality of the product in order to make the visitors understand it at a glance is the next step. At this stage visitors start thinking about their product requirements and subconsciously try to match those with the product features. If your product features match with their requirements then at this stage visitor is your potential customer.Hence bullet points need to be accomplished with highly relevant search terms.

Significance of Product description – Third winning key

Product description presents product information that includes its benefits, detailed functionality and usability of product that how it could satisfy your visitors exact requirements. It should further build confidence in visitor’s mind that this is the product they were searching for; and they make a buying decision there and there without any further doubt about their decision. For this your product description should be strong enough that complements ‘Product Title’ and ‘Bullet points’.

Final Word

With an optimized product listing you demonstrate your product to your potential customer that this is the product they need to buy. The strong and accurate presentation helps visitor in making buying decision. But on the other side, though your product is really fantastic but not able to create a positive impact on the visitor due to weak presentation there are fair chances that you could miss out literally hundreds and thousands of visitors.

Why Choose Us?

Whilst the marketplaces such as Amazon.com are an excellent way of augmenting product sale, we do believe that the ecommerce entrepreneurs could increase their revenue margins with the best marketing assistance. Here at amzfoster.com, we are delivering tailored solutions that exactly match the business essentials of Amazon sellers and assist them creating a great impact of their merchandise on their target customers.

We have made more than 1000 listings till date and have enough experience to make the best sales copy for your Amazon Product Listing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer Bulk Discounts?

Sure. We offer Bulk Discounts for 3+ listings. Please Contact Us for more information.

Can I get a refund?

Yes. We provide 100% money-back guarantee for the services you paid for. Be assured that we go extra miles to serve you best till you are satisfied. If you are not happy with our service delivery though after mentioned revisions too; we will refund the service price you paid for; though service deliveries are digitized and involves time as well as special skills. We respect our customers’ confidence showed on us for services availed. You need to claim for your refund within 7 days after specified no. of revisions /iterations of delivered services. (Please refer no. of revisions / iterations specified time duration.)

In what format will I get the delivery?

You will get the delivery in .DOC and .PDF formats.

What is Amazon Product Optimization?

Optimizing the product listing on Amazon means updating your listing with the most relevant keywords so that the customer could find your product and is also convinced to buy your product after reading the fantastic sales copy which stands out against your competitors.

What is the purpose and necessity of product optimization?

If your product listing is not optimized, customers may never find your product and even if the customer finds the product he may not be convinced to purchase your product though it is fantastic in nature. Right marketing approach is the key to sales.

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Report?

The SEO Report is our delivery report which shows the keywords stuffed in your new Optimized listing.

Will my product sales increase after the Optimization?

Our services will help maximize your chances of boosting sales. However, sales cannot be guaranteed due to the factors beyond our control. If anybody else providing similar services and guarantees sales figures, then they are ignorant and dishonest.

Will you upload my listing to Amazon Seller Central?

NO, Currently our service is limited to crafting your engaging title, description and bullet points that would help to sell your Amazon products. But we will give you a step by step process on how to update your listing.

Do you follow Amazon’s Terms of Service?

Absolutely. All our product listings are created based on the latest Amazon TOS updates.

What kind of services do you offer?

We offer variety of optimization services ranging from SEO Title Optimization, Bullet Points Optimization, Product Description Optimization and Backend Keywords Optimization (up to 1000 characters), Competitors’ Weakness Report, Ad Optimization etc. We also provide Competitor Backend Search Terms Service where we extract the exact Search Terms that are inserted into an ASINs Backend.

Which is the most sought after service package and why?

Our 2 most populer Services are:

Royal Package because it includes all the essential services required to make your listing fully optimized.

Competitor Backend Search Terms: Under this service we extract the exact Backend Search Terms(Keywords) of any ASIN.

I need an individual customized service instead of standard packages. Could I get the services as per my requirements?

Yes, we do have individual services. You may purchase the required services from here.

When will I see my keywords indexed after implementing a new listing?

Keyword indexing can take as little as a few minutes and as much as 48 hours. Generally within a few hours your keywords will be completely indexed.

Will my product listing rank will appear on ‘page 1’, once my keywords are indexed?

Yes and no. For long-tail low competition keywords with little to no sales, you may find your product ranking well, but for more competitive keywords, you will need more efforts to prove your relevance. The best way to prove relevance is through sales. Make sure that your listing is well optimized before driving sales; else you will never find your product ranking!

Why do you offer maximum 1000 characters for Backend Search Terms; though the limit on Amazon is 5000 characters.

Although the limit on Amazon is 5000 characters, Amazon recommends the sellers to add the most relevant keywords in the backend. Most sellers abuse this facility by adding irrelevant keywords which confuses Amazon’s search algorithm. We do not want to confuse Amazon’s internal mechanism hence we provide most relevant keywords for your product.

Why only ‘3 bullet points’ service is provided under ‘Booster’ Package?

There are few sellers who need only 2 or 3 bullet points for their incomplete optimized listing. If you are one of those sellers you may opt for the Booster Package.

How many changes /iterations /revisions I can expect?

That depends on your package purchased. Please refer the Pricing Chart for number of revisions and delivery time. For individual services, one revision is applicable.

Is there any time duration within which I could request a revision?

You must claim your revision requests within 3 days of our final delivery within your availed services only. Exceptions can be made if we’ve made any brand or grammatical errors.

Can I get express delivery?

We offer 2 day express delivery for Royal and Elite Packages.

Contact Us for more information.

Whether my information will be kept confidential?

Yes, we respect our client’s privacy and we never share their details with anyone else. Please refer our Privacy Policy.

What are the benefits of optimization?

  • Product listing appears on top search pages
  • Increase in visitor traffic
  • Product description helps creating positive image in buyer’s mind and visitor get tempted to buy
  • Visitor gets turned into potential buyer
  • Generates more sales and ultimately more revenue

What could happen to my listing if I don’t do optimization?

There are many disadvantages of un-optimized product listing. Following are few examples:

  • Product listing does not appear on top search pages
  • Ineffective Product description unable to create product interest in buyer’s mind
  • Visitor does not get converted into potential buyer
  • Product sales are affected and in turn loss of revenue

Do you Guarantee sales for Daily Traffic Service?

No. The sales cannot be Guaranteed as sales are dependant on multiple factors and we cannot control the actions of the visitors.

What is Validity Period?

Validity period is time duration specified for each of the credit purchase plan. For example, if you purchase 20 Competitor Search Terms your validity period would be 10 days. However, instead of requiring you to send us 20 ASINs all together, you can send in batches within the valid period which is 10 days for 20 Competitor Search Terms. This will enable you to watch the effect of adding competitor’s keywords in your Backend and further analysis of your competitors.

Which Amazon marketplaces do you support?

Currently we support USA, Canada, UK, Spain, Germany, Italy and France for Competitor Search Terms Service. For Listing Optimization we support all English speaking Marketplaces.

What if there are absolutely no Backend Search Terms for the ASIN, will I get a credit for the ‘No Keyword’ case?

If the ASIN does not contain any single search term (keyword), you will get 100% credit for the same. But if there is at least one search term found for the ASIN, no credit would be given. We understand that few sellers choose to leave the Backend Search Terms empty, in that case you will get another one for free but only once. This is not applicable for 2 nd ASIN.

How is your Competitor Search Terms Service different from other Keyword providing websites?

We extract the exact Search Terms of an ASIN which are inserted in the product’s Backend. Currently no other website offers this service. There are many websites which provide keywords for Amazon Products. But they provide Keyword Research Services. They don’t pull the exact Backend Search Terms data of an ASIN.

AMZ Foster