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TOPWIN Inspection


We Bring Trust and Ethical Standards to Global Trade

TOPWIN Inspection performs on-site supplier audit programs, product inspections and laboratory tests for global brands, retailers and importers to secure their supply chain.


Inspection Network Covering Asia

Inspection network covering Asia and whole China. No extra charge for travelling in whole coastal China and inspections on both Saturday and Sunday.

Professional Management Team

Multi-cultural and Professional Management team with over 15 years operation.

Leading Turnaround & Flexibility

Onsite within 48 hours in Asia and 24 hours in China. Reports the same day.

Product Expertise

Over 1,200 off-the-shelf customizable product-specific inspection checklists.

Services by Industry

TOPWIN Inspection has over 100 inspectors, auditors and mechanical engineering experts specialized by industry to ensure your product and suppliers meet all safety and performance standards for your destination market.



Household utensils

Furniture & furnishings

Porcelain & ceramics

Toys & gifts

Seasonal products

Sports & entertainment products


Jewelry & accessories

Clocks & watches

Eyewear & binoculars

Tools & equipment


Home appliances

Light & lighting

Electrical tools

Electrical vehicles

Telephone & mobiles

Computer parts

Electronic accessories

Remote control toys

Personal accessories

Bathroom products

Tables & E-Books

TV’s & stereo systems




Garment accessories

Home textiles

Leather products

Luggage, bags & cases

Caps & headwear

Kids clothing

Shoes & footwear


Our Services

Pre-production Inspection

The Pre-Production Inspection (PPI) is completed after the identification and the evaluation of your vendor / factory and right before the beginning of the actual mass production. It can be completed at the factory or at the vendor office. The aim of the PPI is to make sure your vendor has well understood your requirements and the specifications of your order and is prepared for its production.

Initial Production Inspection

The Initial Production Inspection (IPI), also called First Article Inspection, usually happens right after the manufacturer starts producing the first mass production samples. We will send our inspector when 1% to 10% of your ordered quantity has been produced. This product inspection is usually performed at the factory.

During Production Inspection

The During Production Inspection (DPI) will take place during production between 20% and 80% of the manufacturing process. We check packed and ready to go products.

Pre-shipment Inspection

The Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI), also called Final Random Inspection (FRI) or Finished Quality Control, will take place when at least 80% of the products are ready and packed into export cartons. You can of course specify when booking with us if you want 100% of the products to be ready for this inspection. The pre shipment inspection will take place at the factory, or in some cases, it could even take place at the forwarder’s premises or at the pier.

Container Loading Supervision

The Container Loading Supervision (CLS) will take place right before the vendor / factory / manufacturer is supposed to load the goods inside the container and also during the loading process. This inspection usually takes place at the factory. It can also be performed at your forwarder’s premises.

Defect Sorting Service

The purpose of the Defect Sorting service is to sort out as many products as possible on known issues (ex: specific cosmetic defects, function problems, or packing imperfections, etc.) during the number of man-days allocated. Other checks will not be done during this inspection.

Production Monitoring

You might want to be sure that the operators are well trained for your product but you don’t have time to handle the Quality Control yourself. We can provide you a flexible solution, our Production Monitoring.

Factory Evaluation

The Factory Evaluation (FE) should be performed before the buyer places an order with a new vendor and only takes one day. The Factory Evaluation is done at your manufacturer’s premises, anywhere in Asia.

Extensive Factory Audit

The Extensive Factory Audit (EFA) is usually performed before you intend to place an order with a new vendor. This factory audit is usually performed during two days. This factory audit is performed at your manufacturer’s premises.

Corporate Social Audit

The Corporate Social Audit (CSA) should be performed to ensure that you are doing business with factories in which social rights are respected.

Laboratory Product Testing

TOPWIN’s core service is Quality Control for consumer goods in Asia, which consists of Product Inspectionsand Factory Audits in Asia. While we do not personally do lab testing, we can help you get your product tested as per international safety standards and mandatory norms.

Other Services

All shipment products inspect according to international quality standard by the experienced inspector to control the whole lots quality usually for your special/ expensive/ high risk product. The 100% trust for product.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you briefly present your company? TOPWIN is an independent third party inspection company focusing on quality control and quality assurance in Asia. We specialize and are experts in Product Inspections, Factory Audits and Product Testing. We can send an inspector and/or an auditor to any factory in China within 48 Hours.

2. Why do I need quality control?

Is my potential vendor reliable? (Factory Audit)

Is my factory following international and local rules and regulations? (Social Audit)
Has production started correctly? (Initial Production Inspection)

Is my order produced according to my specifications? (Pre-shipment Inspection)
Is the container well loaded? (Container Loading Supervision)
How to make sure there are no defects? (Defect Sorting Service)
How to make sure the factory has put in place the right quality checks? (Production Monitoring)

3. How do I get started and what are all the steps?

  • Fill out the booking form, or compose your inspection request in an email; Return to us by email with sufficient specification and/or file attachments.
  • Our sales team will quote to you and we will inter next step after you approved quotation.
  • Our Operations team will prepare, coordinate and arrange your booked service and you will receive a confirmation email. If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time.
  • The day of the requested service, you will receive your fully illustrated report by email.
  • You will receive one invoice per month, at the end of the month (if you are a regular client; otherwise payment prior to the service will be requested).

4. What quality control and quality assurance services do you offer?

  • Product Inspections.
  • Factory Audits.
  • Production Monitoring.
  • Defect Sorting Service.
  • Product Laboratory Testing Management.

More details about our services below:


Initial Production Inspection (IPI)

Inspection of machinery and materials to be used for your order prior to production.
During Production Inspection (DPI)
Control and recommendations for production processes and capacity.
Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI)
An Inspection to guarantee the conformity of production to your specifications.
Container Loading Supervision (CLS)

Guarantee the finished and packed goods meet your specifications (product type and quantity) and are securely loaded for shipment.


Production Monitoring (PM)
Constant oversight in your factory with daily reports on quality and production status.
Defect Sorting Service (DSS)
Focusing on inspecting as many products as possible and sorting out as many defects as possible.


Factory Evaluation = US$368 all inclusive
Assessment of the profile & capacity of your vendor.
Extensive Factory Audit = USD488 per man-day Full assessment of the know-how, profile, capacity and experience of your vendor. Corporate Social Audit = USD488 per man-day Full social assessment of your factory as per SA8000 (international and local laws & regulations).

5. Why should I choose TOPWIN?

  • Expertise: we focus on consumer products.
  • Management: Western & local quality engineers.
  • Personalization: custom-made solutions when needed.
  • Flexibility: welcome any reasonable checklist/testing requests to ensure a truly flexible service.
  • Cheaper: our fee is USD258 per Man-Day (1 inspector / 1 day).
  • Faster: send inspector to any factory in China within 48 hours (in 24 hours in emergency, if inspectors are available), Preliminary results, Same-day Reports.
  • Safer: our services adhere to recognized international standards: ISO2859, ISO9000 and SA800

A dedicated and experienced team

  • Most of our inspectors, auditors, engineers are full-time employees.
  • We recruit experienced and professional people with a Western capacity of judgment.
  • All our inspectors and auditors are regularly trained to learn the latest international quality standards.
  • Our quality control and assurance services are following international standards.
  • We all abide to a strict Business Ethics & Compliance Code.
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Easier, faster and cheaper for you

  • From your private account, you can manage all your quality needs.
  • You get your reports the same day of the inspection.
  • Our Man-Day rate starts at $248 all inclusive.

6. Do you offer sourcing services to find suppliers and manage projects?

We do not offer any sourcing services. All information about our clients, vendors and factories is confidential and shall not be transmitted to any other party. All information is strictly kept confidential and shall not be sold or use for any other purpose than the quality control service you are paying for. If you are in need of these services, please consult with us?

7. Can I discuss with you in detail my criteria and my product specifications?

Of course, and we invite you to contact us in order to explain us your quality needs.

8. What information does your inspection report include?

Our reports are very detailed, illustrated with pictures and cover:

  • Product appearance (AQL), Workmanship quality
  • Product specifications review: quantity, material, color, size, measurements, labeling & marking, packaging, packing, accessories, shipping marks etc.
  • On site Testing and special checks.
  • Important remarks and professional feedback.

9. How long does it take to obtain the inspection results?

The inspection results are sent within the same-day of the inspection while the inspection is fulfilled. The reports are usually sent between 5PM and 11PM China time, which means usually before the end of the morning in the US or end of the afternoon in Europe.

10. Who will approve or reject the shipment?

We inspect the shipment according to AQL international standards and also according to your instructions, specifications and criteria. Then, our results are given to you through a fully detailed and illustrated report, which should allow you to decide whether to allow the shipment of your products. You can accept or reject your shipment.

11. Which areas do you cover?

TOPWIN provides quality control and quality assurance services across most China
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If you are not sure if your inspection or audit location is part of our coverage area in Asia, you should contact us a few days prior to the shipment for confirmation of possible additional fees for travel expenses, hotel or bonus for the quality inspector.

12. How much does it cost?

Product Inspections: start at $258 per man-day all inclusive. Product inspections are usually performed within 1 man-day.
Factory Evaluation (FE): the standard rate is US$368 regardless of factory size.
Factory Audit (FA) / Social Audit (SA): the standard rate is US$488 per man-day, the number of man-day needed depends on the factory size.

The number of man-days needed depends on the total ordered quantity, which gives us the sampling size to inspect, the complexity of your product and the number of reference to inspect. FYI, while booking your product inspection online, you will get a quotation before confirming your order.
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13. How can I pay?

You will receive one monthly invoice at the end of the month with all the inspections we performed on your behalf. This invoice is payable upon receipt by TT. We invoice in USD but you can pay us in any major currency.

14. Do you offer any discounts?

We offer special packages for our VIP clients who book regular inspections and have been working with us for an extended period of time.
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15. What happens if non-confirming goods are found when the shipment arrives?

It is extremely rare that non-conforming goods make it out of the factory if TOPWIN is hired. In the vast majority of cases, the root cause turns out to be damage during shipping or shipments were approved after a failed inspection and the buyer trusts the factory (who was likely supposed to rework the goods) enough to ship without having performed a re-inspection or a defect sorting service. Therefore, we highly recommend you to book re-inspection or defect sorting service after a failed inspection and to work with your shipping partners to insure the product against damage in transit. TOPWIN guarantees that we will inspect the product to the standard and methods approved by the client (including chosen sampling size). In the event our inspectors do not follow the agreed standards, TOPWIN will make a refund of up to 5 times the price of the inspection.

16. Why doesn’t TOPWIN provide a warranty on behalf of the supplier?

As it is not economically viable for most clients to inspect every unit in the order, AQL tables determine the number of units to be inspected which will yield a statistically reliable sample size. In other words, if the inspection on the randomly selected lot goes well, then it is statistically unlikely that defects will be found in the rest of the order. For the sake of example, say there are 100 master cartons in an order and 50 units per master carton for 5000 units total. Our inspectors would open at random a select set of master cartons (the square root of the total number of cartons) and further select at random a set of individual units inside that master carton as per sampling size chosen by the client. However, if the supplier knew they had a few dozen defects and packaged the defects all together in one section of one master carton, then it would be statistically unlikely that our inspector would find this pocket of defects. For this reason, TOPWIN does not provide a warranty on behalf of the supplier. But we stress to our clients that they should have robust POs, warranty terms and payment terms with their suppliers that protect the interests of the client. Negotiating such terms with the supplier is outside of the scope of our business at TOPWIN, but our endorsed Partners can help with the negotiations and contract review.

17. Where do I send my approved samples of my product?

In order to save time and money, we advise you to send it directly to your factory, in a sealed package to our attention. In case you do not trust enough your factory or vendor for this, you can send it to our closest office. To know to which office to send it, check our offices address on your dashboard or contact your account manager. How to decide sample plan and inspection level against your products?

TOPWIN Inspection