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We’ve set the precedent, and we’re raising the baron eCommerce prep& support.

Offering a Complete and Proven Solution to your eCommerce Prep& Support Needs

  • Professional and Courteous Guidance and Support
  • Experienced and Knowledgeable Insight & Innovation
  • Logistics Solutions
  • Lightning Fast Turnaround of 24 Hours
  • Compliance Verification & Solutions
  • Quantity and Quality Inspection
  • Full-Service Inspection
  • Quantity Inspection
  • Forward Only
  • Returns
  • Palletizing
  • Exports
  • Hands- Off Merchant Fulfillment Services
  • Hands- Off FBA Services
  • Vendor Fulfillment Services
  • Professional Photography
  • Marketing Proofing
  • Import Tax Management
  • Document Storage/Scan & Send Service
  • 24-Hour Video Surveillance
  • Fire and Flood Insurance
  • Theft Insurance
  • Trained and Insured Staff

We like to think of ourselves as your personal support squad. Your unique needs are our business.

As experienced eCommerce sellers, specialists, and loyal online shoppers, we understand Amazon and many other selling platforms emphasize amazing customer service, passing the burden onto their sellers. That’s where FBA Inspection comes in!

We will guide you through the entire process from creating your work order with only the most appropriate services, to completing your uniquely selected services, assembling an outbound compliant shipment and assisting you in completing the most sensible outbound shipping plan; all with patience and a smile!

The Benefit of Sending from Manufacturer to FBA Inspection

The risk of sending a product straight from manufacturer to buyer can easily outweigh the potential for savings. What you may believe to be saving in prepfees, you could be spending in refunds to customers or in reputation. That’s where we come in. We receive your shipment and identify any potential problems, saving you the penalty of negative reviews, costly replacements to regain customer confidence and overall unhappy customers. It’s no secret that bad feedback travels farther than positive, so we are here to allow you to put your best foot forward! We can inspect your products, perform labeling, bundling, and many other services to save you time, keepyour shipments compliant and sturdy, and eliminate the risk of sending faulty or misrepresented products into your marketplace.

Create A New Account

Thank you for your interest in working with FBA Inspection

  • Once your new account is created, you will receive a confirmation email containing an overview of our company and the necessary steps to proceed with your first work order.
  • Customer number issuance usually takes about 30 minutes while your account is created.
  • Your customer number will look like the following example: CN0####
  • When filling out your new customer information, please list your PRIMARY email address as well as your current PayPal email address and please continue to use ONLY these email addresses for their specified correspondence. If your information should change, we need to be updated to keep our records current.
  • Once you have received your new customer number you are ready to create your work order!

Create A New Work Order

Create your new work order

Work order requests are confirmed Monday through Friday as quickly as possible in the order received.

It is imperative that your work order number appear on your shipping label for our ease of identification. We have had to institute a non-negotiable $25.00 service fee for unlabeled and unexpected shipments due to the time it takes to identify the order and owner.

  • All e-mail correspondence regarding your work order should be completed within your work order confirmation email thread.
  • All phone calls need to reference the work order number. We cannot complete any services undocumented in writing. Please follow phone calls with an email.
  • If you have multiple active work order numbers, please address each work order number separately. If e-mailing, reserve updates to the specific work order’s email thread to avoid confusion. If over the telephone, please notify our representative at the start of the phone call that you wish to discuss two distinctly separate work orders. If sending order specific materials such as FNSKU labels or shipping labels, please send in their distinct email threads. Your attention here assists us in offering you an efficient and simple experience.


  1. Payment is due at the time of order completion. Shipments will be withheld until payment has been confirmed.
  2. Shipments with unpaid invoices will remain in our facility until payment is made. Unpaid orders will be disposed of after 60 days.
  3. Estimates are valid for 60 days. Orders arriving after 60 days of estimate issuance are subject to increase. (Some pricing is fixed and does not vary, however you should be aware of your overall timeline and plan accordingly.)
  4. Storage fees will accrue based on your shipment’s overall volume after 14 business days (some exceptions apply) beginning on the day we send your report and notify you that your shipment is ready. Failure to remit payment for accrued storage and services rendered within a 60-day time period will result in disposal. We will make every effort to contact you prior to disposal of merchandise. Please keep your contact information current!
  5. Scheduled storage will need to be paid monthly to continue to reserve your storage space.
  6. Small parcel Forward Only orders are granted a 3-day grace period before storage fees begin to accrue and are subject to the same abandonment policy beyond 60 days. LTL shipments will be adjusted accordingly.
  7. If you use UPS, DHL, or Fed-Ex as your import carrier, we will receive your customs duty invoice unless you have an International Billing account and specify yourself as the “bill to” party on your shipping documents. FBA Inspection charges a non-negotiable service fee for remitting duty fee payment on your behalf.
  8. FBA Inspection cannot be held liable for damage sustained to shipping cartons, product packaging, or any portions of shipments arriving to FBA Inspection’s processing center. Noticeable exceptions will be documented, however we expect transit damage and you should, too. We will aid in providing evidence to support your claims.

A new work order must be requested for each new shipment sent to FBA Inspection to maintain efficiency and timeliness.

Repeating a prior order? Please use the “Repeat Prior Order” form from the drop down menu below for a quick and simple submission!

Descriptions will appear beneath each order type. We will follow up with any responses that may need clarification. Your submission allows us to proceed with efficiency to save you time later on!

Has your shipment been separated into several smaller shipments to pass through customs easily? One work order with us will suffice!


If you are shipping by air express courier (i.e. DHL, FedEx, UPS), and the value is $800 or less (March, 2016), the courier will most likely clear the shipment through the port without requiring any further documentation.

If your supplier will be shipping via air express courier and your shipment is valued less than $2,500, it is suggested that you allow your supplier to choose ‘door to door’ shipping in which case the express courier will be able to ‘batch clear’ your shipment allowing for an all-inclusive transaction. You will not need a freight forwarder or an external customs broker for this. Due to special regulations offered to air express couriers, they are allowed to clear shipments under their name and customs bond without a Power of Attorney from you, up to their own discretionary value. It would be best to ship it DDU (or DAP) as most suppliers will not ship under DDP terms because they do not wish to be responsible for payment of duties. Therefore, even if your shipment is valued at more than $2500, if it’s low-risk, the air express courier will most likely clear and deliver it.

By definition, informal entries do not usually require a customs broker when the importer is going to clear the shipment himself. But in this day and age, when so much business is done on the internet, an importer may not be located within reasonable distance to their shipment’s port of arrival. Shipments valued more than $2,500 will be filed as formal entries.


air cargo and sea cargo shipments – regardless of value – require the services of an external customs broker. A customs broker requires a signed Power of Attorney from the importer of record in order to conduct customs’ business on their behalf. Your company’s Employer Identification Number (aka EIN# or Federal Tax ID#) will serve as your importer number.

If you are shipping by regular air cargo or sea cargo, U.S. Customs will assign an 11-digit importer number to you once you provide the customs broker with your Power of Attorney. This importer number will be used in lieu of an EIN#. However, for entry purposes, U.S. Customs will require a U.S. based ultimate consignee and their EIN #. It is highly recommended that you hire a customs broker and are assigned an Importer Number before you arrange your shipment.

How to Get Your Own EIN Number

How to Get an EIN as Foreign Importer

Obtaining an EIN number can be a lengthy and complex process. As a foreign importer, it is important to know that although it is not mandatory to have one to import into the United States, it is much simpler and cheaper to obtain one than to file the required paperwork to import without one. As an Amazon seller, this also applies. We recommend planning early and securing an EIN number as soon as possible. A U.S. resident can secure their EIN number in a matter of minutes by visiting the IRS website at: https://sa.www4.irs.gov/modiein/individual/index.jsp

What is an EIN number?

An EIN number is a United States government issued tax identification number. This number is used to track and receive business income taxes. As an Amazon seller, you will need an EIN number when creating your professional sellers account in the United States. A foreign importer is unlikely to have a SSN, (Social Security Number), or ITIN, (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number), which necessitates an EIN instead.

How to Obtain an EIN Number

If disposable income is not a concern, services exist to complete the task on your behalf, however, to save yourself some money, please follow the steps below to attain your own EIN number. If importing will be done on a regular basis, the ease having your own EIN number will afford you is invaluable.

Step 1: Get a U.S. Mailing Address

Perhaps you have a friend or relative in the states willing to lend you the use of their address. If not, hiring a service to receive your U.S. mail and packages is the way to go.

Step 2: Complete IRS Form SS-4

Completing this form is purely for your reference during your phone call to complete the process. You may choose to actually submit the completed form by mail to the IRS, but if any errors exist, it will likely be rejected and the project will need to be started again. It also takes up to 30 days to clear! It is much easier to complete this process by telephone.

The form, and instructions, is here: http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fss4.pdf

Step 3: Placing the Phone Call to the IRS

Now that you have secured your U.S. postal address, and have completed the SS-4, you will need to place the hour-long phone call to the IRS. Be prepared for wait times from 15-45 minutes, and be prepared with enough Skype of Google Voice credit to sustain the call, as it is NOT toll-free. The number is +1 267 941 1099, between the hours of 6 a.m. and 11 p.m. EST, (GMT-5:00), Monday through Friday.

During the phone call:

Press 1 for a foreign EIN number

After your wait, tell the agent you need an EIN number for a sole proprietorship

The agent will ask if you have filled out your SS-4 form, followed by a few more simple questions about your business

After all of the necessary answers are provided, you will be issued your EIN number.

Write your EIN number down and keep it in a safe, easy to remember location. You will receive a copy in a few weeks at your U.S. postal address.

Congratulations! You have survived the process of obtaining your own EIN number. Now that you’re ready to roll, place your first order and once it reaches us, we’ll do the rest!

FBA Inspection FAQ

Q: What is the difference between General Processing & Handling and Detailed Product Inspection?

A: Our General Processing & Handling covers the exterior of the product packaging. Our Detailed Product Inspection, or Product Verification, includes opening the product packaging to inspect the product itself and/or verifying the contents pertaining to the product itself. This is an added value service with an additional fee of $0.35-$2.00 per unit based on the intricacy of your product. This addition can be selected for any portion of your shipment you desire. This service is of benefit if you are concerned about manufacturer’s craftsmanship or want to ensure your product’s overall quality meets the high standards you expect.

Q: Is inspection mandatory?

A: Our General Processing & Handling fee is a fixed rate that applies to any unit undergoing individual handling services of any kind. We offer a “Forwarding Only” service which will eliminate the processing fee. Our Forwarding Only fees vary and can be found on our pricing page.

Q: Does FBA Inspection have a minimum purchase price?

A: Yes, our minimum purchase price is $35.00 and applies to all incoming orders, with the exception of “Forward Only” orders.

Q: What Does General Processing & Handling Include?

A: Our $0.45 per standard size unit/ $0.55 per oversize unit General Processing & Handling service is our premier and most valuable service. With General Processing & Handling, you will receive:

  • Comprehensive customer support
  • Receiving
  • Compliance verification
  • Photo documentation when necessary
  • Unpacking your shipping cartons
  • Inventorying your shipment for quantity accuracy
  • Visually inspecting product packaging for defects or damage
  • Repacking your shipping cartons in compliant and secure configurations
  • Shipping dunnage for support during transit
  • Providing carton specifications for your outbound shipment
  • Assistance with generating your shipping plans
  • Receiving your shipping labels & verifying accuracy
  • Minor carton repairs
  • Accurately applying shipping labels
  • Facilitating the UPS pick up
  • 90 Day free storage for excess processing materials, (inserts, replacement boxes, etc)
  • Complimentary 14 business day storage for completed orders, and oftentimes much more!

Q: Can FBA Inspection distribute to Amazon internationally?

A: Yes!

Q: How are Amazon warehouse distributions determined?

A: Amazon will distribute your shipment(s) based on Amazon’s disbursement matrix. For an additional per-unit fee paid to Amazon, you have the option to change your account settings to enable placement into only one Amazon-chosen warehouse. This option can be changed between shipments.

Q: Is there a way to avoid FBA Inspection receiving a duty fee invoice?

A: By default, the receiver will be issued the duty fee invoice. To avoid this, open an “International Billing Account” with the carrier you will be using. Your shipping declaration will need to reflect the choice to “bill to third party account holder” to bypass your invoice being sent to FBA Inspection.

Q: Will FBA Inspection act as my Ultimate Consignee?

A: FBA Inspection will act as your Ultimate Consignee. You must seek permission for each new order. Please note, this service fee is a non-refundable $150.00 to be paid in advance. Bulk-purchase packages are also available. You may find a page on our website offering guidance to obtaining your own EIN.

Q: Does Amazon have regulations about the placement of multiple labels?

A: All labels should be placed neatly for legibility. Units may display as many labels as necessary. Barcodes must be placed flat to be properly scanned.

Q: Can FBA Inspection provide individual product packaging?

A: With advance notice, we may be able to provide plain individual product packaging. With your custom label template we may be able to print and apply a logo label to enhance your plain boxes. We also have a local print shop for your printing needs we cannot accommodate. We can construct and place your units into your flat-packed packaging starting at $0.75 per unit.

  • We can provide multiple sizes of Amazon-compliant poly bags starting at $0.50.
  • We can provide high-grade bubble-wrap starting at $0.80 per standard size unit.

Q: When does a poly bag require a Suffocation Warning label?

A: Poly bags will require a Suffocation Warning label if the opening of the bag is 5” or greater.

Q: When does a unit need to display a “Country of Origin” label?

A: All products need to disclose a visible “Country of Origin” label to be in compliance of U.S. Customs Requirements. Shipping cartons also need to display a Country of Origin disclosure to be in compliance of U.S. Customs Requirements. The requirement for Amazon will vary based on your product’s category.

Q: When does a unit require a UPC versus an FNSKU?

A: Amazon requires all products to display one barcode.

  • If your account has enabled Stickerless Commingled Inventory, your products will not require an FNSKU.
  • If your account has enabled Stickered, Non-Commingled Inventory, your products will require an FNSKU.
  • Products requiring FNSKU labeling do not need to display a UPC code, but must still have a UPC assigned to the listing.

You may find your selection by logging into your Seller Account and browsing to:


Q: How can FNSKU labels be accessed?

A: Product labels (FNSKU) will be generated through your Seller Central account. Your FNSKU labels need to be provided to us prior to your shipment’s arrival to prevent delays.

To create your FNSKU labels: Once in Seller Central, choose “Manage Inventory” from the top left of your screen. Select the product you want to create labels for by “checking” the box to the left of it, and then move to the right of it and use your drop down “action” menu to choose “print item labels”. From there, it will bring you directly to the FNSKU screen. You’ll see MSKU to the left, and all the way to the right you’ll see an entry field with the number “1“. You will need to manually update that number to the total number of products you need labeled.

Once completed, please keep the default setting of “30 Up Standard US Letter” format , and then click “print item labels“. Rather than printing, when your print screen appears, you will opt to “save as PDF file“. Save them as a PDF file in a conspicuous place, perhaps on your desktop, and then attach them into an email for us. We will do the rest!

Q: When does FBA Inspection require Amazon shipping labels?

A: Please postpone the creation of your outbound shipping labels until the conclusion of our services. We will provide you with all of the most current and accurate information to generate your labels to eliminate the risk of duplicate shipping fees. You may create your shipping plan in advance to gain access to your packing lists, but please do not “approve charges” until we have confirmed with you as a refund for inaccurate labels is only granted within 24 hours of creation.

Q: How are shipping fees to Amazon calculated and paid?

A: Your Amazon bound shipping labels will be generated and paid for in your Seller Central account. You will be eligible for significantly discounted shipping rates when selecting Amazon’s Partnered Carrier, UPS. You can expect between $0.30 and $0.50 per pound for a small parcel shipment.

  • Amazon-Partnered LTL shipments also receive special discounts. Rates vary drastically by each shipment.

Q: When is a customs broker needed?

A: Air Express shipments valued below $2500 will generally be “batch cleared” by your Express carrier, and therefore be granted “informal entry”, bypassing a customs broker. Cargo exceeding $2500 in commercial value will require the services of a customs broker. We do not offer brokerage services, but can recommend a reliable company at your request.

Q: Does FBA Inspection offer photography services?

A: We offer professional photography services. Please contact us with your specific staging requests for a tailored quote.

Q: Does FBA Inspection offer assurance of confidentiality?

A: FBA Inspection staff adhere to a strict non-disclosure policy. In conjunction with this policy, we can assure you our Amazon seller status will never compete with yours. We take great honor in being of service to you.

Q: Can FBA Inspection help prepare products for FFP approval?

A: FBA Inspection can help prepare products to meet Amazon FFP requirements.

Q: Can FBA Inspection help prepare products for Vendor Express approval?

A: FBA Inspection can help prepare products to meet Vendor Express criteria.

Q: What are Amazon’s requirements for product preparation?

A: You may find the following link helpful in determining how your specific products should be packaged. https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/G/01/fba-help/QRG/FBA-Shipping-Inventory-to-Amazon.pdf

We will ensure your packaging is compliant during our processing and advise you should we discover anything in need of alteration.

Q: What are Amazon’s carton restrictions for inbound shipments?

A: Amazon enforces a 25 inch maximum carton measurement for all cartons, a 50 lb maximum weight limit for all cartons and a 150 maximum quantity restriction on all inbound case-packed items. Individually assembled shipments do not need to adhere to a quantity restriction so long as the weight and measurement restrictions are met.

Q: Can FBA Inspection create and/or print custom labels?

A: FBA Inspection can offer some printing services. Please inquire with your specific need for a tailored quote.

We also have a local print shop for your printing needs we cannot accommodate.

Q: Does FBA Inspection offer forwarding without inspection?

A: Our forwarding only service is a per-carton flat-rate service. Please see our current pricing page for pricing.

Q: Does FBA Inspection accept Amazon returns?

A: We accept Amazon Returns & Removal Orders for $3.00 per incoming carton. All standard processing fees apply as well as our $35.00 Minimum Purchase Price.

Q: What is the difference between LTL and small parcel shipments?

A: LTL (less than a truckload) shipments are palletized and offer significant savings and stability for particularly heavy shipments. Our palletizing fees are $25.00 per pallet, which includes an Amazon compliant pallet, professional pallet assembly and wrap, and application of your pallet labels. LTL shipments can be no more than 1500 pounds, must be less than 72” in height, and no more than 48 x 40 inches. Small parcel shipments are loose, single cartons that will be individually handled.

Q: Is storage at FBA Inspection an option?

A: We offer storage solutions. Orders undergoing General Processing & Handling receive a 14 day grace period following processing. Forward Only orders are offered a 3-day grace period following arrival . Our storage rates are calculated at $10.00 per week, per pallet. Please inquire as to our ability to assist.

Q: How are FBA Inspection services paid for?

A: We accept payment through PayPal, credit card, and wire transfer. Service fees apply.

Q: Does FBA Inspection receive and unload containers?

A: We accept and unload 20 ft containers for a fee of $150.00, 40 ft containers for a fee of $200.00, and 50 ft containers for a fee of $275.00. We do have a forklift available. Our receiving fee is based on a live, manual unload by FBA Inspection. Container deliveries will need to be scheduled in advance or face rejection.

Q: Does FBA Inspection source UPC codes?

A: We cannot provide UPC codes through our company. You will have to purchase it through an online reputable source. We recommend researching Gs1 barcodes before any UPC purchase.

Q: Does FBA Inspection act as the consignee for shipments?

A: We should never be listed as the “consignee” of your shipment. You, the importer, are the consignee and the “bill to” party.

Q: What documents need to accompany a shipment of lithium batteries?

A: An FCC request will need to be filed with Amazon, as batteries are considered hazardous material due to the possibility of leakage. This process can take up to a week or longer. We recommend that you send the batteries in small packages outside of your battery-operated device, or have them shrink wrapped together and placed separately in your incoming cartons with your product for the easiest import transaction and handling purposes.

FBA Inspetion