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Good morning,
I have, in the past, listed knitted patterns as a 'pamphlet' in the media/books category without a problem. Amazon are now refusing the 'pamphlet' format so I am at a loss as to how to proceed. It is quite beyond me why they don't have a specific category for patterns when there are so many of them listed - Media/Books doesn't seem appropriate.

Edited by: black-country-books on Jan 28, 2016 10:38 AM

They should go under Kitchen & Home. Browse node is: Kitchen & Home > Arts & Crafts > Knitting & Crochet

Thank you for your help - much appreciated.

Sorry to bother you again, cram, but I don't see a Kitchen & Home category when I try to add a product. I have Kitchen OR Home?

Select Kitchen

'Pamphlet' is still available on the drop-down list when you click on 'binding' on the 'vital info' page in 'manage inventory' for books.

I think this only becomes available after you choose media/books at the start of adding a product.

Did you have any luck with this?

Hi, Sorry - have been a bit tied up.....

I normally selected media/books/pamphlet - but that is where the problem arises: for some reason, there is a message flagged up when I selected pamphlet - something along the lines that it conflicts (paraphrasing) with kitchen. Doesn't make sense? No, it didn't to me either.
Have been successful with kitchen category using crochet/knitting/other.
Thank you for your help - sorry for delay in response.

Please for the love of god don't stick them in books and media. The listings are uniformly crap in that category. No product features. Poor indexing etc.

One lives and learns :)

Looks like yet another Amazon glitch then... :(

When I get the chance I will attempt to list a pamphlet in books (I already have several listed and have sold quite a few - not knitting patterns, mind!).

cram wrote:
Please for the love of god don't stick them in books and media. The listings are uniformly crap in that category. No product features. Poor indexing etc.

I have to have a barcode to enable me to list. My patterns originate from a relative's knitting group and several are 'vintage' which means, of course, that they have no identification.

Yes of course you do. I would say that you need them for pretty much all products. Slapping a picture up isn't always enough for a customer to make a buying decision. Unfortunatley that's basically what a good slice of the media category is these days a poor photo and not much else.

The products feature section is also indexed for search purposes so you've got extra space to make sure that keywords are included. We find listings with the products features section filled in are almost certainly more likely to sell that those that don't have it filled in. We are slowly working our way through all our listings adding these improvements

To my mind a properly filled in listing outside of media always looks better and has more information that a filled in listing within the books category. I list on items within the books category but I would never create a listing within that category if I could avoid it - it's a sales killer

This is probably a silly question, but did you first search the catalogue as a buyer would to see if they were already listed?

There are thousands in the catalogue.

A quick search brough up loads of examples.

This one - which came near the top of search results - is, bizarrely, listed under 'CDs' !