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Changing to FREE P&P

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Hi, I am wanting to change to free P&P, but is there a way of doing this so it combines my current sale price + delivery charge as the new sale price? Thanks in advance

Free postage is when its included in item price.
Item price plus delivery charge is not free postage.

If you have a basic seller account or an old-style pro-seller account or sell in the media category you cannot set your own shipping rates - Amazon set those.

If you are a pro-seller with a newer style account and list in any other category you set your shipping rates by going to Settings > Shipping Settings. To set free delivery change figures to 0.00.

Then manually change your item prices, if you wish, or use the Price and Quantity template file to bulk change them.

Hi Penelope, thanks for your reply :)

How do I access the "Price and Quantity template file" - Seems exactly what i'm looking for.


In seller help (box top right of your seller account) search for Inventory templates. Once there, on that page I think it is the second one down.

Right click over the file name to save the file. Once you've filled in all your stuff save it as a text tab delimited file.

Upload via Inventory > Add Products Via Upload. Choose "Price and Quantity file" as the file type.

Thanks Penelope, perfect - really appreciated :)

You're very welcome. Do come back if you have any problems with the file :)