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Can you use a debit card instead of a credit card when selling?

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I have used a debit card for years and received payments back from Amazon after my sales.
Has this arrangement stopped Now!!!

A debit card is fine - you cannot use a pre paid card though. Also you ALWAYS need to have at least £5 available on the account to which it is linked.

The reply given does not compute. I am assured from Amazon that because I don't have a credit card my account and articles for sale are no longer available to the public. The fact that they have already taken cash from previous sales and now holding payments to me because after four years they do not recognise a DEBIT card that is in date and proved to be previously acceptable to them!!!!

I am sorry you don't like my reply- nevertheless it is correct so does not deserve to be negged. So long as it is not a pre paid card and has £5 always available then a debit card is perfectly acceptable. Many sellers are registered with debit cards.

Many staff in SC are badly informed.

Thank you for your assistance. I am afraid my perseverance is getting nowhere.
I keep getting the same reply from Amazon for nearly two weeks now . I am currently igniting an expensive advertising campaign to sell since this amazon does not show book covers or the names of new authors. I have achieved 4 and 5 Star ratings but sold nothing for 4 years.
Am I angry !! What do you think. This latest campaign is in the thousands and Amazon are farting about with the wrong information.

Thanks again for your help.


1. Is your card a pre-paid one?
2. Is there always at least £5 available?

3. Try deleting your current card and inputting again as if it were a completely new card

If this doesn't work then the card is not the problem despite what SSD tell you - raise another case and ask Amazon to tell you what the problem is?


Forgot to add that Amazon used to accept pre-paid cards for years - but are now not allowing them, if that is what your card is.

Hi, no it is not a prepaid card and the account is considerable because I use it for all on-line and telephone purchases and debits.

Hi again,

I have just spent nearly an hour talking with Amazon Complaints .
At last someone is listening to the problems and also apologise that they have been sending me the wrong information about the card. Of course they said nothing about the closed account loosing buyers and showing that there are no products available. Despite the fact that I have available copies outside of their domain.
Its been nice airing my voice to someone knowledgeable I only wish you could display the covers for me.
Thanks Once again,