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Getting Reviews and Sales Rank

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Hello, me again

I hope this question hasn't been asked already but...I have made my first new listing and I think my product is now lost in the void.

How do you get your product noticed? Are you chasing people who review on other similar listings, do you pay a review site?
I paid for advertising but that doesn't seem to have worked so far!

Would love to know what everyone else is doing to get themselves ranking in Amazon

What are you selling ?

It comes down to having patience and whether people want the item and at the price you list it.

Even if they do there are millions of products for sale - so you have to emphasize what is special about yours that the competition does not have and write good product descriptions with detailed images.

It takes time to build a presence on Amazon. If you have only listed one product then you will not have the market volume to get your items easily seen unless they are very unusual.

Good reviews of your service and the product help. Also getting the buy box is crucial but you wont be eligible to share it if you are a new seller until after 90 days.

You will get suspended if you start paying for reviews rather than earning them.

Sales rank requires sales - when you set up a new product page rather than use existing one you have no sales rank.
Advertise - not just on amazon but elsewhere and even offline. Takes time - every top selling item started out as zero sales rank.

Amazon recently changed their review system after too much abuse by sellers. The system was being played.