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Hi Could anyone help please. I am a new seller.

I am trying to use money off codes - I have tried four times but it doesn't work. When buyers get to the checkout and enter the claim code, there is an Amazon message that rejects it.

Has anyone got any ideas please?

Thanks, Peter

Does it show in your manage promotions?

Yes - I have now tried 4 x and they are all visible in Manage Promotions. They are all within valid dates, they are all sensible amounts (they are all money off).
Could there be anything about the product that stops them from working?

I totally gave up on promo codes. I find them overwhelmingly confusing. A nice easy to follow routine / examples would be really useful. Enough are using them though so I think I have a brain block on them. If you don't get it sorted out ask Customer Services to walk you through it and they will.

Good question Peter. I have had similar results.

I created the promotion twice with same result - it couldn't be used. A message 'The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase.' is received when the customer tries to use it.

I was wondering if the promotion code is only valid in the country my product is listed in?

e.g. my listing is on amazon.co.uk and I create a promotion (with a code). Can a buyer use the code if they live in Ireland or Greece for example?

or, is it only available to buyers in the country of origin i.e. UK in this instance?

In the case above, the customer happened to be outside the UK.


Thanks for everyone's help.

I have tried to do this about 5 times now and with no success.
Amazon are still looking into the case for me but it is a really annoying service as it just does not work.

I dont think it matters what country, as my product is listed in the UK and I tried to have people use the claim code in the UK and it does not work. I think Amazon need to give better instructions on how to do this.

i am readying your story , as i would like to do the promotion code i am interested how it is resolved