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Query about manufacturer and seller information.

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When I first posted an item for sale on Amazon I created a new listing from scratch as there was not already a listing for the exact product variation. Obviously more established sellers then used the listing information to sell theirs, which I understand but I am a little confused about the 'by' information under the title of the item for sale on the product page.
When I created that original listing, I filled in that the product was by Konami because that is the name of the company that creates the product. However, now the listing shows the name of the other seller. While searching other similar products, I see that this seller has listed all their Konami products as by them and they even appear as a search option in the 'filter by brand' side menu! Is this okay? Are we allowed to do this?

I hope I have explained this clearly enough for you to be able to understand my question?!

Many Thanks

hi, do you have an ASIN numer as an example?

Sure, Here's the ASIN number for the listing I created: B017YX231O

Hi Jenny,

Thanks for your post.

The seller is not allowed to do this. It is against Amazon policy to change the brand name on existing listings. You can see the details on this page: Product Detail Page Rules.

For any items you have listed that the brand name has been changed I would recommend that you open a case with us to have this corrected.
To create a case please click on Contact Seller Support and from the left hand side select Products and inventory, then Product page problem and finally Fix a product page. You will need to enter the ASIN and provide the requested information. You can add additional ASINs in the message box.

I hope this helps.



Hi Jessica,

Thank you for that, I've done so.

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