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How do I know if I've downgraded successfully?

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I've been charged £30 for 2 months without having an item listed. So in order to not face this problem any more, I sent a request to close my account. Would this stop the subscription?
They charged me another £30 from 5th of Aug to the 8th of Aug, and then I switched my plan from Pro to Individual which has a date of the 1st of next month. My next question is, will I be charged for the next month as well?

I've contacted the Seller Support and have told them my issue but I would just like to know if there's anything I'm missing.

On another recent thread a seller reported they received a refund of their Pro Seller subscription as they had not at any point listed items for sale. Might be worth asking Seller Support to do the same for you?

It usually takes effect after the next billing payment following your request. You should bet an e mail confirmation when they have downgraded the account but not immediately after you request it to be done ! As advised a CS agent can tell you exactky when it will take effect from.