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Help With Flat File Please

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Hello all

We are brand new to amazon and just need a bit of help with the flat file

We have been brand approved and have listings upload already, which i have done singularly

I want to list everything we sell using the flat file, can pretty much make sense of most of it however I am struggling with the external_product_id

I presume this is a GCID number, I am not sure where find these, I have downloaded the inventory files and the numbers are all different

Can anyone point me in the right direction please

Thank you


The external_product_ID field in the templates is for the EAN number. You can use ASIN if it is an existing item - just make sure you type ASIN in the external_product_ID_type field instead of EAN.

I thought if you had EAN exemption through Brand Registry it would be OK for you to leave this blank or that there was a different template to use

Have a look in seller help as it might give more clues.

The inventory reports you download in your seller account do not the EANs unfortunately, but they do include the ASINs

Good luck


I have found it in seller help (under Brand Registry)

If your inventory file includes your brand name and values for your key attribute on all SKUs, you will be able to list your new products without UPCs. If there are no standard product IDs (UPCs, EANs, JANs) for your brand products, leave the fields product ID and product ID type blank. However, if you have standard product IDs for your products, we recommend including them.


Thank you

I will leave it blank, I have filled in all the rest no problem

Thank you again very much appreciated

Woohoo it worked

Thank you

I share your woohoo, well done!