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Hi all, I am new to Amazon and at first glance I thought listing was really easy. Tell me where I am going wrong!

1. I go to my inventory page
2. I go to 'add a product'
3. The screen 'find on Amazon' pops up and I find the exact item I have to list and click 'sell yours'
4. The next screen contains a list to fill in, i.e. Seller SKU, Condition, Condition Note, Your Price, Quantity, Start Selling date, etc etc.
5. At the bottom of the form there is a button 'save and finish'

And I thought that was all I had to do....easy peasy.

However, I have now created 36 listings in this way - and I now find 12 of them are flagged as 'active with quality alert' - and when I click on each one, I find a description tab with five bullet point lines and a description box that require filling in.

This confuses me, as I thought by originally clicking 'sell yours' all the details would be automatically completed from Amazon's database - especially as at the end of the form which appears after 'sell yours' there is a button 'save and finish'. Why don't the five bullet point lines and description box appear on that same page, above 'save and finish'? I didn't realise that there were any more details required.

Apologies if I'm being a bit dense here, I'm a newbie and just feeling a little confused.


I have loads of these quality alerts, some relating to Amazon own listings, I tend to ignore unless it's likely to impact potential sales, but most of the missing detail to me looks like useless rubbish.

If your listing are active and visible on site, then unless you have the time to update, I would not be too concerned about spending time on updating.

Thank you for your response. I spoke to customer support a couple of weeks ago about this, and the supposed explanation was as clear as mud! The woman I spoke to was saying (I think) that as I was listing against someone else's product (i.e. via the 'sell yours' option - I am guessing), then if that other person removed their listing, mine would be left without a description.

I tried to ask wouldn't the description (and image as well for that matter) remain in Amazon's database, and I was told no, it wouldn't.

This explanation only left me even more confused than before I called them. So I called again with the same query and unfortunately, was put through to the same woman - who must have thought I was nuts! But I just can't seem to grasp why they have the 'sell yours' option which in itself seems really simple, but then there seems to be a whole raft of other details required which are not apparent when you fill in the 'sell yours' form.

Am off to have another coffee!


You can get some strange advice from CS, but once a listing is created that detail and photo remains on site even if the original seller who created the listing sells out of the product, unless of course they remove the photo, or change the listing detail which can happen, but in theory your understanding is correct.

Thank you for your helpful response.

So just to be absolutely clear, am I correct in thinking that the only time I would need to fill out a more detailed description (and possibly upload an image as well) would be when there is nothing at all available when I search the 'sell yours' option - i.e. a completely new/unique product?


If the item you want to sell is not on Amazon, then yes you would create your listing and fill in the bullet points and upload a picture, so yes you are correct..Good luck and happy selling :-)

Thank you :-)