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Just opened my account last week and It is immediately suspended, any idea?

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Hi there,

Opened my account last week, and Amazon send me a message on 14-Jan-2014 saying "Account Under Review" as below:

Dear Seller,

Thank you for your interest in selling on Amazon.co.uk. Your request is currently under review. We will send you an email message once our review is complete. There is no need to appeal this action.

We appreciate your cooperation and thank you for selling on Amazon.co.uk.


And Today 17-Jan-2014 I got an email saying "Listing Your First Item on Amazon.co.uk" as below:

Thank you for registering to sell on Amazon.co.uk. You are now ready to list your first item!

Get started listing at our Sell Your Stuff page. Listing an item takes less than 60 seconds. There are no fees until your item sells.

Then I sign in to my Amazon account and find it is still suspending...

Will Amazon resume my account if I pass the review?
If it is suspending why Amazon asking me to listing items for sell?
Does anyone knows is it normal to have suspended / account under review for new account opening?
How long does it normally takes for the initial suspend / review for new account opening?

Thanks for your help,
Joe Liu

Hi Joe

This sound like a velocity issue - i.e. you have sold high value products, or a lot of items in a short time frame. If this is the case you should have your account reinstated when the review has taken place.

If you contact Seller Support via the link at the bottom of the page, when you reach the messaging page you will have the option of contacting Seller Performance through the Account Status tab (this is only available if a suspension has taken place). Try this and see if you can find any further information out. Your message will go directly through to the Team involved.

Best wishes


That sounds odd. Account reviews usually occur after you begin selling - often because your sales volumes are high with no feedback . Amazon like the sales:fb ratio to be balanced so they are sure buyers have received their items from you.

Contact Amazon and ask


Try this number
0800 496 1081

But he hasn't even listed anything yet :)

You don't have any review when you first open your new Amazon account?

Is it new policy or exclusive for me... Right I will contact them and see what is happening.

And you are right I haven't put any item up yet.

Oh, I see, sorry didn't read it properly. Could they be looking at past history/reference of selling before giving approval, or something.

Need to telephone them then.


Joe Liu wrote:
You don't have any review when you first open your new Amazon account?

Is it new policy or exclusive for me... Right I will contact them and see what is happening.

And you are right I haven't put any item up yet.

No, its not what the rest of us get.
Have you had an amazon selling account before?

You are right, could be.

Cos my brother is living with me at the same address and his Amazon account is suspended for a few months already(from 2013 until now). But I just opened my seller account last week (it is my first time open).

They'll have linked the accounts.

Thanks I see, so it is exclusive for me.

I have Amazon account few years ago (didn't really use it) but I just setup my "seller account" last week.

Ah - you have a problem then.

You will need to show Amazon that yours is a quite separate account - which may be difficult, unfortunately.

Sorry :(

You mean they will linked I and my brother's account if we under the same address?

So they knows my brother account's status is suspended and not letting me do the selling.

This is sad I am afraid I don't represent my brother's bad selling habit.

Maybe I can register another account using my University campus address if this makes Amazon feel better...

And I think my name on my credit card already shown that, we (I and my bro) has different name so we are different person and if he breached any rules does not means I will do the same.

Hi Joe

There will be a problem if two accounts use the same address. You will need to contact them, and you will need separate bank accounts etc. They are very strict about this, and if you are both at the same address it is regarded as a violation.

You will have to contact them to see what they need you to do.