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My FBA SHIPMENT is not showing 10 DAYS after sending

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Hi All
I am new, but I sent inventory to Amazon 10 days ago and have not had word from them where my inventory is, I am finding it impossible to contact them on this issue. When I check my shipping logs it says its still in transit, but surely it can't take that long? any help much appreciated.

I am also finding it impossible to check where my inventory is following all the recommended steps

Usually it shows up within a few days. You will get a 'Goods receiving' email when they start to process it
However, currently there seems to be a backlog and it is taking 2 weeks to process (everyone is sending in stock for Xmas)
To allay any fears it has not been misplaced by courier track the items on their website and not through Amazon - you will probably find the courier website confirming item was delivered to the Amazon fulfilment centre

Thanks for confirming that I shall check UPS and see
If it has been delivered. As you say they usually send an email wi
Thin a few days. Though I did speak to one other
Uk FBAr who said her products are being listed rapidly
Thanks again Mike

They are probably dealing with the major backlog. 10 days is pretty bad luck but within the timescale for delays at some centres.
They will not probably bother searching for your boxes among the thousands until they get caught up to that point.

It does seem a bit hit or miss at moment
I sent in 200 items on the 21st which UPS shows as delivered on 24th yet Amazon still says in transit

Could be both are correct.
If perhaps its one of the dropped off trailers.

Well fk me with a hammer, turns out UPS have not even delivered to Amazon yet, totally shocking.Anyone use other couriers ? need to be giving them the bullet. Thanks again

Simply NikNaks I just would not have thought to check UPS, they have always been spot on in the past

There's at least one seller whose tracking showed not delivered yet. While amazon were processing the stock.

lets see what happens, have emailed UPS , aprreciate all your help guys

We have one delivery via UPS to Amazon that was sent on the 24th Oct and has not arrived yet. First time it has happened, but it is not lost. The UPS tracking shows it is still with them undelivered. I assume they can't get a slot with Amazon to deliver it.
I have not contacted UPS. I have opened a case with Amazon. They are the one paying UPS on their account so I would not expect UPS to deal with me. My understanding is Amazon take responsibility for UPS packages once it has been collected by UPS.

Where do I open a case with Amazon ? There is no way to make money in FBA at this snails pace, sounds like they have bit off more than they can chew

You can open a case with seller support when you want. Just do not expect the first time to generate much result or a quick response.

On my computer from where I am reading your question their is an option at the bottom of the page saying "Contact Seller Support". You open a case there or from the Help Pages.

Yes saw that link. Though it does not give you the option of contacting them for a late shippment. Though I did manage to contact them using the make a suggestion button thanks.

I use FBA other FBA issue much of the time.