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FBA stock vanished

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Anyone been there before please? I sent some stock into warehouse and they received them ok; then FBA losing stock which they marked as received and how long does it take to resolve? nearly 3 weeks now.. plus FBA gone to separate centers and stock from 1 center either not showing or gone into reserve. this has gone on for nearly 3 weeks now. I chat every day but still not resolving. Any advise on claiming compensation and also get it resolved beside writing to managing director?

any timeline and action suggestion will be much welcomed.

Can you be more specific?

Hi Martin,

More specific on?

  • stock was received and booked in but then vanished from my stock - not on reserve
  • stock received, sold some, then split up to 2 different centers, then stock in 1 location not shown in my reseved but showing in center.

Some reserved stock was stuck for 3 weeks before releasing back into saleable.

So anyone has experience how long this locating missing stock will take and what is the procedure/timeline on escalation etc.

It happened to me a few weeks back and some has turned up after about a week, and some hasn't at all, they say it has been misplaced.
So all in all, probably a week it could possibly start to show up or a bit longer or not at all as in my case
Good luck

Time for one of those undercover investigations I reckon.

Rupert Bear wrote:
Time for one of those undercover investigations I reckon.

Im having a deja vu moment!

It is fast becoming the norm, for goods to go missing and then reappear after a month or so and having to grieve over lost and missing goods, and finally fight tooth and nail, as if in a market, to claw money back!

Bring back Christopher North!

Hi Pearl,

so how long did it take you to get the stock back and what you had to do? I have around 1k stock gone missing and they were selling well before hence sending to FBA. did they just appear one day? you got compensation etc?

or did they pay out?

Happened to me last month items received & in inventory,next day gone from inventory.They refunded me 3 days later,stock has not reappeared since.

Hi Ross,

so they paid out? I have been on them like every other day for last 3 weeks, keep telling me they are investigating and one of them even disconnected me when I press for esculation etc. Did you get the full selling price?

Had a few refunds,you get between your cost price & selling price,a small profit.
Just checked my case history here is the timeline:
08.00 items received & in inventory
11.00 items gone from inventory,case raised
11.35 reply,investigating
11.00 phone call from CS,investigating
12.00 message received,contact again if not in inventory by 25/8
11.00 no items
12.00 message received,items lost refund within 5 days.

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I have tried calling them and also chat as it has a better history. How do Amazon decide what the cost price is if it is an item not being sold through distributor any more? I got mine all mixed at different auctions..

Just checked my last few refunds,seem to be getting full selling price less fees.

this happened to me recently, it took weeks but i received comensation eventually, i have another box that has gone missing again, not all the shipment again
its not something i want to keep happening why should we fight for compensation? i just want to sell them like we used to. this moving them around is more reasons for them to go missing

the mad thing is that by splitting where the stock is being held, it seems the system is confused. The stock that are missing actually was where I sent them in the first place! One was split and sent to another center and put on reserve; the other was never in reserve.. then both just disappeared!

I did get someone calling me back yesterday when I insisted to have the cases escalated but he seems to have a problem with what they have been informed by warehouse and what is showing to me.

I hope they reach a resolution soon. I thought FBA is an easy route to get the item shipped to outside UK securely where they were selling regularly each week when I fulfil myself. Battling with Royal Mail to get compensation on lost item seems to be easier in comparison.