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help please!

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Today i received a score of 3 from a customer with the words 'no comment' for the delivery feedback as this is a fulfillment item i contacted customer support and asked to have it removed but they replied as it says 'no comment' they cant as they don't know what the customer was referring to- delivery or product???? but as it is a fulfillment item and they are supposed to remove/strike out a negative score (which a 3 counts as) i think that why the person said no comment is actually irrelevant and it has adversely affected our metrics which is unfair. I have contacted the customer and asked nicely why they said 'no comment' but to be honest i don't expect to get any reply. Who can i appeal to?

If its a product review it should be removed if its a service review it should be struck through.
The best person to remove it is the buyer.

hi there, thanks for your reply. the customer replied to my email and said the product was fine but that she had said 'no comment' merely because she had not contacted me (the seller). And then Amazon removed it as they deemed it a product review. ALL'S WELL THAT ENDS WELL then!