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Amazon wont let me sell an item because a buyer said it was used.

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I currently have 118 of an oversized item at FBA. A short time ago i received an email from amazon saying we can no longer sell this item as a buyer claimed the item was used, but we sold it as new. Until we send and they accept a plan of action. Firstly the items are all brand new and were purchased from one of the biggest UK supermarkets. We explained that it was most likely the buyer trying to get out of paying return costs for an unwanted item, or someone else brought that specific item and returned it and amazon re-added to my sell able stock which they then sold again to this buyer. We also offered to send them proof of purchase for the new items but they didn't seem to want to listen. They have rejected my requests to have the listing reactivated. This oversize stock filled up about 6-7 pallets so it cost quite a bit to send them in, just for me to pay to have them sent back to me. I also suggested that they could look at any of the 118 of the same item i have at their FBA centre and they could clearly see that the items are all brand new and factory sealed. However, they still have denied my requested. Also they have no direct telephone number that i can call to try and resolve this issue.
Any advice?

Edited by: Zensa-Fashion on Apr 25, 2016 7:15 AM

Do an action plan.

With appropriate verification the goods are new.

Purchasing from a supermarket to sell as new on amazon? Seriously?
Braver seller than most.

And zero chance of speaking to seller performance on the phone. Resolve by action plan.

Edited by: Martin on Apr 25, 2016 7:45 AM

Take Martin's advice. Follow Amazon's procedures, it's the only way.