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Listings marked as Inactive (OOS) despite having stock available

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We have a problem with a few FBA listings in which they are shown in our Inventory view as Inactive (Out of Stock), but still show stock as being available. It is not a case of waiting, as this has been the case for weeks now. The stock is marked as available (e.g. 13 units), but it still says Inactive (Out of Stock).

How do I make such listings active, and is this something that will continue to happen?


We have had this before, if you ask seller support they can refresh the listing from their end - it only takes a few minutes while you are on the phone. Then the items show as normal again.

We as sellers cannot change it.

I've had this problem in Europe. Stock in FBA in the UK. Uploaded via flat file into 4 European sites. Had to raise over 50+ cases in past week to get them sorted batch wise. (Uploads used to work fine, but have stopped this past week). Some of the support has been quick and pain-free. Other's haven't understood and gone all round the houses. Nightmare. Hope you do better