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Combined postage on promotions?

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If I have a multi-tier promotion, does Amazon calculate postage on an item by item basis for multiple purchases or do they combine postage? So if, for example, I have a product weighing 1kg and I sell 1 then is postage £2.19 and if I sell 2, it is £3.30, 4 items £3.40? etc...? or is postage £2.19 for 1, £4.38 for 2, £6.57 for 3...etc..?

Hi Food Heaven,

Welcome to the seller forums.

Can I ask are you referring to orders Fulfilled by Amazon or to orders that you fulfill yourself?


Hi Lindsey
I am talking about FBA in this instance.

Hi Paul,

Thanks for confirming this.

To be honest I couldn't tell you for sure as it would really depend on the buyer whether or not they have prime, if they do not have prime they may be eligible for super saver delivery. And also it will depend on what type of shipping method they will select.

You can find further information here this is buyer facing information and the shipping charges posted there apply to all Amazon and FBA orders.

I'm sorry that I could not provide a definitive answer it's just not possible with so many variables.


Thanks Lindsey - I'll take a look.