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Suspended for 4 defective items out of 6912 Items Sold, Unfair?

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I just had a suspension today regarding four Asins, which we have appealed
1 - Bikini Set - Missing Parts - FBA Not Returned
2 - Bra - Missing Parts, Checked this on the FBA inventory reports, its states that "damaged by carrier" this was FBA, how is this my fault.
3 - Tights - Incomplete Order - FBA Not Returned
4 - Hold Ups - Not as advertised - FBA Returned

We have sold over 6912 items so far this year.
Our Feedback is 100% Positive over 365 days.
Our Seller Rating is 100%.
Our Order Defect Rate is 0%.

I think this is very unfair, especially when Amazon do not provide Order details so we can not identify when the product was sold and who to.

There need to be a % like the order defect rate, 3 items from 6,912, I'm sure Amazon themselves get 1,000's of items back from customers.

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Its pretty common for them to suspend an item on one issue, suspend seller on that few sometimes.

Not knowing much about bras but how does missing parts become a carrier issue? Have had multiple carrier issues over the past 16 years but never had missing parts from carrier problem. Perhaps a pervy carrier?

Amazon tend to not be concerned by who is at fault, when they want an action plan its more to do with preventing the problem happening again. Focusing too much on blame tends to slow down the process from what others have posted.

Sounds like there are stock issues on first 3, listing issue or stock issue on 4th.

Still, so long as amazon accept your action plan....