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Advice on refund request

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Back in November, I sold my first item on Amazon. It was a large ornament, used but in very good condition. I wrapped, packed and over-boxed the item and dispatched it in good time and on November 21st, received positive feedback "very good service, can't fault the seller..." and 5 stars.

Now the buyer is complaining that the ornament is badly damaged (large sections have broken off - something you'd notice immediately) and wants a refund. The damage was discovered on Christmas Day as it had been bought as a present. The damage hadn't been previously discovered as the buyer says she didn't open the package and inspect the item prior to gift wrapping.

While I am sorry that item was damaged. I feel that waiting 6 weeks to inspect the item is too long, especially as our courier's liability has ended and we can no longer claim. Also - how do we know that the damage didn't occur in the six weeks after arrival? For how long are we responsible of the item?

Amazon's conditions state "If you receive an item that was different to what was described, or is clearly in a worse condition than was indicated, please report this to the seller directly within 14 days of receiving the item." I assume this applies to used items also.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

How about asking them for a photograph of the damage and if still available the original packing as it was still present when the item was opened at Christmas?

Worth a try?



P.S. Ask them if they keep cats!

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Thanks for the reply. A photo would prove the damage exists, whether in transit or accidental. Although whats to say the damage wasn't even intentional.

"I don't like this present - I'll smack it with a hammer and claim my money back".

Does receiving an item and giving perfect feedback count as accepting the good and its condition? Or do we have to provide what amounts to free house contents insurance?

As far as acceptance of the item is concerned, you would think that having left feedback, the case would be closed.

However Amazon will almost always look after a customer before they look after a seller. It may be worth digging your heel in, but the outcome would probably go against you.

The reason for the photo is to put the onus back on them to do something rather than simply you just giving in.

In the early days of the Internet, anonymity by sellers was a cloak that many poor sellers hid behind and one of the advantages that Amazon gives all of us is that customers have faith in the system. Unfortunately, the system also allows abuse by customers but it is one of the perils we have to endure when selling online.

Compared with the perils retail establishment face in the everyday running of their business, it is a relatively small price to pay in comparison.



Hi - it s almost impossible to prove that a buyer probably dropped the ornament when unwrapping it / in the general melee of Christmas.
There is always a small chance that it did get damaged in transit.

As Nick says request a photo of the damage - and the packaging.

All you can do is make a decision and weigh up the chances of negative fb / an A-Z claim v refunding.

Good luck.

Was this an FBA item? In which case you would not have packaged it yourself ...
You have posted your question on the FBA forum, that's why I ask.

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No this wasn't FBA. I didn't know Amazon offered this service; in fact I've just Googled to find out what it is. The item was shipped using Royal Mail. Shortly after receiving the positive / perfect feedback, I disposed of the receipt thinking that was the end of it. There's a lesson learned, right there.

Can the buyer change the feedback from positive to negative?

Having said that, I'm not too concerned about negative feedback to be honest. I'm pretty disgusted with the way Amazon treats there sellers and I'm not likely to use the service again.

Buyers can't change feedback, only remove it.

I keep Certificates of Posting for six months and receipts for postage paid for six years!

If you were a buyer, you would be grateful the way that Amazon looks after your interests and that umbrella is what allows all of us sellers to have a credible profile when selling.



Buyers can remove feedback but they cannot modify it.
Amazon look after their customers - because those earn sales. They are not too concerned with small sellers.

Exactly the same kind of thing occurs on other selling platforms and your dilemma would be the same, really. Even on eBay.
Unless you could prove otherwise the buyer's word has to be accepted.

I am always very worried when sending fragile items ..... Even knowing they are carefully packaged. Wen you see how some RM depots hurl packages about it s always possible that an item gets damaged in transit.

Some couriers are not too careful either it isn't just RM.