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No prices are showing on my product listing, why?

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I have been trying for weeks to get list prices to show on Amazon search pages that the customer sees.

Question: Why No prices not displayed in my product listing?

I am the ONLY seller of these products.

I am an individual amazon seller, have not got professional (£30/ month as still setting up my shop)

Question 2: Buy Box: We are the only sellers of this product. -There are no competitive bidders, and we are the only ones selling, so should have it, shouldn't we? Please help to display prices, thank you

Please help, Thanks

2: you need to upgrade to the monthly subscription Pro account to be eligible for the Buy Box - no guarantee of getting it then either, even on your own amzn may deem your account price/performance/shipping/... is not competitive enough.


Thank you For helping.

I have now upgraded to Pro account and hopefully will get eligible for the buy box.

Kind regards

Also, Amazon sets a maximum price for each ASIN (but doesn't tell you what it is). Above this price offers are ineligible for the buy box. Try lowering your price late at night and see if you win the buy box then - if you do then increase it until your offer disappears to get an estimate of the max price set on the ASIN.

If you don't appear even with a cheap price then Amazon is blocking you from the BB for some reason - contact seller support and ask for their advice.