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Can buyers refund sellers?

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Not come across this one before but I had an order from a buyer who later requested a refund as the item had not arrived. I issued the refund but a couple of days later she contacted me to say the item had now been delivered, although it was after the due date. I offered to let her keep the item as a gesture of goodwill for any inconvenience caused or if she no longer wanted it to return the original package marked "Return To Sender" She said she could still use the item & asked if there was any way she could still pay for it. The only suggestion I could make was for me to relist the item & for her to reorder it. This was a one off end of line item so I don't have any more copies of it. Would this be an acceptable way of doing it or is there some way buyers can refund sellers through the system?

She could contact Amazon and ask them to recharge her card.

Thanks, if she gets back to me I might suggest that, would they also readjust my metrics as My account is currently on suspension, I suspect because my refund rate has exceeded the acceptable level, which doesn't take much doing when sales are as low as they currently are.

As far as I know refunds generally don't affect your metrics, but if you have a lot of INRs then that can lead to a suspension.

Thanks again, when I said my account was suspended I actually meant under review, with funds being withheld. I contacted SS but did not really get an answer as to why as all my green boxes were ticked & healthy so just assumed it was because of the % rate of refunds (33% over 7 days), which , as I say, with the current low volume of sales does not take much. The only thing they did tell me was that funds were being withheld to make sure there was enough to cover any future possible refunds. Again, I could not understand why as I have sufficient funds in my account, but I've long since stopped trying to understand Amazon's logic.

I agree with previous postings that the customer should ask Amazon to recharge her card.
You should email the customer to this effect.
Once this order has been paid for, you should contact Seller Support to make sure the refund is removed from your metrics.

Also worth looking at your dispatch times.
You do need to make sure that your items are getting to the customer on time.
If you are using RM 2nd class, maybe look at upgrading to RM 1st class?

If she gets back to me wanting to pay I'll suggest that, although as I mentioned I did tell her she could keep the item as a goodwill gesture for any inconvenience. As for despatch times this seems to be an isolated incident. I do normally use 2nd class mail but have have several feedbacks where the buyer has stated they have received the item the day after ordering. I did wait a couple of days with this particular order as I wanted to clarify something with her, so emailed her & was waiting for a response. I always try to send orders on the day of receipt where possible & at latest the day after.