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Selling in another country.

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I have just started selling on amazon I use fba and am selling through Amazon UK in the 26 eu countries. I think Germany would be a good market for my product. Would i be better to register with Amazon Germany and send them a shipment of my goods? Will it cost me another £30 a month in fees?

You can use the international tools and see what products of yours you can list directly on the other EU sites and what you will need to create product pages in the local lingo for.
All part of the same fee you pay in the UK. No extra £30 a month charge.

The EU sites have prices set in euros and using stock based in the UK amazon do a small charge per order for shipping across countries. Makes it more cost effective on higher priced rather than cheap items.

You can avoid that charge per order if you wish by storing stock in a particular country. Yes, Germany is good. Its our largest market after the UK on both amazon and ebay over the past few years.

However if you store stock in a foreign country you no longer have the VAT thresholds applying there. So store stock in Germany and immediately have to register for German VAT and file it as needed (monthly I think).
Most of the smaller sellers will leave storing stock in a foreign country until it becomes cost effective to have the additional admin and cost.

the other thing you need to be aware of and i have only just relaised being a new FBA seller is that unless you opt for pan-european you will be charged heavily for any removals cross border. I sent 2 lots to Germany and had not realised this. So this is a problem if you have stock left in storage at long term storage time and want it back. Or you have any customer damaged goods you want back to check. That is how I discovered this as I ended up being charged 7 euros for a decalred customer damaged item to be returned. As it happened it wasnt damaged at all . but i had thought it was going to be 60 cents to return it not 7 euros.!

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It is a big minefield when you are starting out. I sell a small range of items that will build to a range of about 40 they are from £20 to £50 retail and aspect to sell approximately 5 to 10 items a week. I think Germany would be a good market for me as it is parts for brass musical instruments. Looking at what you have said I think i will send a shipment to Germany. I'm not vat registered yet and dont want to be. But looks like I will have to pay some to Germany. Thanks for your comments.

Why not use your UK account and list internationally at no extra cost and dispatch from the UK ?

Hopkins Mutes wrote:
... I think i will send a shipment to Germany. I'm not vat registered yet and dont want to be. But looks like I will have to pay some to Germany. Thanks for your comments.

Good luck with your journey with Amazon as you are going to need it, Germany is probably the best market to consider, as for the rest of them I stopped trading with them long ago, also, I wouldn't touch FBA in the UK never mind in Europe, stay out of Italy and Spain and France as the losses in those Countries are not worth the investment or the stress involved, FBA means something other than Fulfilled By Amazon, good luck but don't start complaining when you get taken advantage of and then suddenly it isn't anyone's fault but your because the bottom line is you won't get any support from Amazon when you need it, as Amazon doesn't believe that customers will scam you, they done live in the same world as the rest of us.

Wow that was quick a thumbs down within 30 seconds of leaving my feedback, whoever did that ought to get a life and stop pulling others down with negative feedbacks by using the thumbs down.

Seems a pretty common response now and with any luck the perpetrator will either step up to the mark and make a constructive comment ... or get RSI of the index finger :)

I have taking your words on board. 2 of my products have just sold out using fab. I have relisted myself. Thanks for your comments. It's a minefield.