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A book has been shipped but buyer says he has not received it. what next?

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A book has been shipped but buyer says he has not received it. what next?

More details please - Do you have proof of posting/tracking? When was it sent?

There are a couple of these threads running, just now... Did you send it by Signed For, or some other tracked method that provides a signature on receipt, and did you enter the tracking reference when you confirmed dispatch?

Ask them if they have received a card from Royal mail and also check you have sent it to the right address. If they have not received it send them a replacement copy .

RM do not consider item lost until 15 working days have passed.
In the meantime message your customer, telling them this and asking them to wait till then (work out the approx. date from your date of posting).

If it was too big to go through a letterbox and no-one in to accept delivery then it may be sitting at the delivery office or left with neighbour - ask your buyer to check.

If still does not arrive then refund buyer and, assuming you have proof of posting receipt from PO, claim from RM - if sent by normal post you will only get up to £20 compensation.
If you sent it by a tracked method then check tracking and see if it has been delivered. If it appears to have been then you may have a fraudulent claim, but other reasons too.

If you haven't got proof of posting then you will have to refund out of your own pocket and take the loss.

I would like to thank all those who responded to my question. All the responses were relevant and helpful, especially Jilly B.
How does one go about claiming from RM and what is needed.
Many thanks

You can register the claim directly on line. Unfortunately you cannot sent hyperlinks in this forum therefore type the following in Google search engine and you will see the claim form.


We also ask the customer to confirm the delivery address. Royal Mail have rolled out the new QR bar code system in a number of areas.

The Royal Mail form will tell you what you need to provide. This includes proof of value - i.e. receipt for your purchase (as well as evidence of sale). If you don't have this they will only compensate you with a book 6 1st class stamps.

You don't need an original receipt if it's a used book, just the Sold Despatch Now email showing the sale price.


Not correct - they say that you need proof of value but all you have to do is say it was a gift or you bought it 2nd hand and they will accept a print out of the sales notification from Amazon and you will get back what the customer paid.