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could someone please help.
I have today received 2 orders of amazon.de but have nothing for sale on amazon.de we only sell on amazon.co.uk.

they have both come through with 3 euros P&P which is less than I would have gotten if posted to the uk. postage on both items is going to be around £10.

is this a mistake by amazon?
should I just cancel the orders?
thanks in advance

You sell on amazon.de and that is the default postage set

If you cancel orders you will get that account suspended and it could do the same to UK

All your listings are currently live on Amazon.de so presumably at some point you made them available to all European platforms as they're also there on Spain, Italy and France and you seem to have the low price in some cases so be prepared for more orders if you don't get them pulled down immediately.

Also be aware that suspension on one can lead to suspension on all so my advice would be to fill those German orders rather than cancelling them. Yes, you'll be out of pocket but you'll avoid negative feedback and a cancellation hit to your metrics.

you must have your account setting on on the other market places.

You need to go to your account settings and turn them on to holiday settings.

If you cancel those orders now you will have your metrics affected even if you put it on holiday settings and as you have no other orders on DE, that would be 100% order cancellation rate (allowed <2.5%) and they will suspend the account and could impact your UK account. so better to send them and take the loss and put it down to experience and turn off for the future.

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thank you everyone hopefully it has all been sorted now

PetsNcharms wrote:

You need to go to your account settings and turn them on to holiday settings.


The shipping settings are to be set separately for each marketplace.
If you would like to reset shipping setting go to your Seller Central > Settings > Shipping Settings > Edit. The same need to be done on www.amazon.de, www.amazon.es, www.amazon.fr, www.amazon.it using a drop menu on the top of the screen.

I learned my lesson hard way... but still shipped from UK to France for almost free. It's better than a bad review.

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Oh NO! this is quite normal for Amazon, we get these on a regular basis, the best one we had was a few years ago when we received 40 grand's worth of orders for stuff that we don't sell, when I contacted Amazon the first response was well you can fulfil the order and still get paid for it, after a long conversation and lots of choice words I realised that Amazon is a strange and wonderful world to be, good luck with this issue just the same.

It looks like your listing gone live in other Europe Marketplaces, if you do not want sell in other Marketplaces you need to make offline.
Now your choice to cancel the orders or ship them, try to get the price from interparce.co.uk or parcel2go.com as we use them and there prices are reasonable.

Good luck

Who goes through and just negs everything? Why do that - What's wrong with you???

top of seller pages right hand side under settings. there you have all your settings.

As far as I am aware the way to turn off country platforms are to go to holiday settings. There you have all the countries with a radio button active or inactive next to each..Just click all the places you don't want to sell to inactive.

Shipping settings are also on that settings page or on the settings drop down menu.

hope that helps.

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