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We have sent several emails to seller verification team and have had no response to any of them. Our account has been limited and sales have really plummeted through a simple error.

Does Amazon have an escalation process when the seller gets no response?

We sent to Amazon on the 28th of September concerning browse nodes where the browse nodes were being replaced with numbers. It appears since the change of browse nodes sales have again plummeted.

Usually we just use the MD email when lower down we get no response.
Would seller verification be the ones to deal with browse node policy changes?

The Browse Nodes have been numbers for a few years in some categories and they are just being rolled out across the board - doubt this has anything to do with falling sales (although happy to be proved wrong).

As for seller-performance team - good luck with getting a response from them, they hold us to a much much much higher standard of customer service and response times than they hold themselves too.

I have an open case from April which they are 'dealing' with and numerous emails of the months have gone weeks without response or even acknowledgement.

Try opening an 'urgent' case with seller-(we-also-occasionally-turn-up-for-work-and give-random-answers)support and ask for an update in the seller-performance case - sometimes you get a response, sometimes you just get the standard 'we have merged this case into.....' and nothing happens

Hi Martin

Just to clarify there are two issues one is the seller verification where they have taken months to resolve and the second query is browse nodes.


Thanks for your reply. Please notice when you check your listings some will have numbers and some will have full product category.

such as clothing> man > accessories > belts etc


Thanks for your reply. I will trust what you suggested see what happens.