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Can someone please tell me what a deliver faster enquiry is?

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I have a customer (or should I say ex-customer as I am no longer trading as a business) who bought an item from me in August and is now saying that he has not received it.
The message came from a deliver faster enquiry of which I must answer.
So what are the rules on this?
I have tried the usual Amazon help pages and come up with nothing.
Do I have to refund him after all this time?
I no longer have the stock as I sold the business.
Help please

Unless you sent it tracked and can prove it was delivered you have no option but to refund or replace. Buyers can file claims for 90 days after purchase so August isn't that long ago bearing that in mind.

Ah well more money out of my account.
I thought when I sold my business that was it. Trust me it isn't.

The_HouseShop wrote:
Ah well more money out of my account.
I thought when I sold my business that was it. Trust me it isn't.

Did you send it tracked/signed for, or just normal mail?

If normal mail then as you can't prove delivery, buyer has 90 days to open an A-Z claim and Amazon will refund, the most you can do is confirm the ordered item and buyers address as sometimes buyers get the wrong seller, or give an incorrect address, but if all checks out and they maintain not received, then little option but to refund yourself ans avoid an A-Z.

You sold the item in August and it is now only the beginning of October.

Either yourself or the person who purchased your business must address this problem.
The buyer will need to be refunded if you did not send it tracked and cannot prove that the item was delivered to them.

I would imagine that the person who you sold the business to will not want to get involved.
If that is the case, it is down to you to refund.

As an aside a "Delivery faster" enquiry is just a drop down that a customer can use as their reason to contact you. It doesn't necessarily mean anything other than the customer maybe felt that was appropriate. They could just as easily have selected the "Where's my stuff" option.

As you're no longer running the business, I'd take the opportunity to tell the buyer where to get off.

Ask him why it takes 2 months to claim something hasn't been delivered.

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This 90 days to put in a claim is ridiculous it is far to long, when you are dealing with thousands of orders a month how on earth can you prove that an item hasn't arrived it is almost impossible, even when you with an A-Z the customer still gets paid or a full refund, so at the end of the day the buyer loses out, but fear not, I have a plan that is working for me.

Running the business or not they will still do whatever it takes to obtain the cash if the seller is wrong, you sign up and you take the hits, end of Mr Bear...

You benefit from sales because buyers trust amazon to do something if there are problems.

Just as in a shop you factor in losses due to damage and shoplifting so too online you have to factor in the particular risks.
There are sites that do not have anything like amazon a-z claims process. They also get a lot less buyers.

No idea why you would want to prove an item has not arrived. Sellers are more usually concerned with proving it has arrived. And it's the seller loses out. Buyer generally not losing out - that's why buyers can buy online because they have some protections.

You are aware there are other time periods to claim within for other things? 6 months and 6 years sprung to mind but for sellers of many goods there are other time periods too. Longer than 90 days.

You cannot be serious!

Tongue firmly in cheek. Howver I think buyers who claim something hasn't been delivered after a couple of weeks are idiots.

Yes it concens me that it has taken 2 months to realise that he had not got the package. I have messaged him offering him an alternative but as yet had no reply.

I wonder if some folks buy so much on the net that they just get confused.

I only buy one or two things a month, so I'm always fully aware of what's in the post to me.