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Some Advice on an A-Z claim

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Would be grateful if anyone could give any advise on this please.

A buyer bought an item from us, which comes with a carry bag as an accessory to the main product. The handle on the carry bag broke so we have offered:-

a. Replace the bag free of charge (they sent photos to prove the damage), next day shipping.

b. They return the item and upon inspection we would refund full cost, if the main product has not been used, otherwise if there is wear and tear (rather than shipping damage) we would probably only consider a partial refund. There is no damage to the main product, just the accessory.

They are refusing point blank, and want a full refund (now via an A-Z claim) before they even send the item back, they want us to send a courier to collect at our expense.

To make this easy to understand, it's a bit like buying a new phone and the charger lead is defective and even though we offer replacement part they want full refund and shipping costs.

Where do you fellow seller think I stand, never dealt with an A-Z before so any advice would be very helpful. We have sold 100's of this item with a very low return rate.

Many Thanks

Personally I would advise you reply to the A-Z Case politely advising that you are happy to do either of the below (a or b). I would just add in to the b part that you would of course refund return postage when the goods have been received.

So you think I should take the hit on the return postage even though this is really a change of mind?

Imagine buying a laptop with a laptop bag and the handle broke on the bag, do you think that you are in your rights to send the whole thing back for a refund? or just have a replacement bag. I'm not sure on the specifics of the law, or amazon policy on something like this. I have a suspicion that I may being used with the protection of A-Z as a free rental service.

The item came with a free carrying bag included in the listing? Then the "item" can be claimed as faulty - so you should pay the return postage. Some buyers want their pennyworth - others are more understanding.

Thanks for the replies..

2 further questions.. If anyone would be so kind.

If we do do the full refund and the product comes back used, or it doesn't even come back at all (Amazon are saying should refund even before receiving the returned item). Where do we stand on this? Can we open a counter claim?

Also, what would be the best way to approach this (assuming we do the full refund and postage) without the A-Z effecting metrics (i.e. get the A-Z reversed).

Many Thanks Again

If there are problems you take it up with buyer. Including recovering at your own expense or court action against buyer.
A-z claim appears to remain regardless these days.

Not sure why you asked for photos, rather than just accept a return if the buyer did not want the damaged part of the order replaced?

Normally when a buyer provides photo evidence of damage, it's to avoid the need to return, but having confirmed the damage via photos, a return is at your cost, it can't be a change of mind if damaged?

A refund should only be made once it's returned, but if Amazon view you may be trying to avoid return/refund they may just refund on your behalf, so important you accept return and confirm you will refund the full cost paid, plus buyers return postage cost on it's return.

Thank you all,

I didn't request photos nor did I refuse any refund, just asked them to send it back and we would issue refund appropriate. (* Note these products are abused as free rentals and return, more so on the bay than here for people using them for a weekend then returning).

Why they should do this I don't know, I have had many conversations with satisfied customers on how shocked they are that to buy a quality product like ours brand new is cheaper than renting an inferior product for a week or so.

I was just indicating to the buyer that if the product had been used the refund would be appropriate or they could get a replacement bag..... next thing they start chanting trading standards and an A-Z comes through.

Does the carrybag come with the item, as standard, or have you added it as a bonus? If the latter, you have a right to refuse the return and state that clearly on the A to Z reply.
If it comes as standard, then the item is faulty. You have given the options expected, but the buyer sounds unreasonable.
So you will have to accept the return and pay the return costs. If the item has been used though, you are within your right to not fully refund the item

Sometimes better to just accept the return, then on it's return decide on the refund if it has clear signs of use, rather than argue in advance on assumptions?

Thank you everyone for all your advice on this today. As always very useful advise and a very professional and active community.

The issue is currently being resolved with the buyer, just have to wait a few days now to see if the return turns up at our warehouse and if Amazon wield their axe on my metrics.

Once again, many thanks all.

We recently lost a claim where a customer claimed that the item arrived damaged,we simply asked the customer to return the item and even sent a pre paid envelop but then customer opened AZ instead of sending the item back.We kept encouraging the customer to send the item back but he would not.We kept Amazon informed of the progress every day but still lost the claim, return postage and the item.The customer kept the item worth 70 quid plus got the refund and we even lost pre paid package.Amazon did not pay attention to any of our messages.
I would advise have the item returned at your expense and simply issue the refund. The moral of the story is that Amazon will rarely back you up as a seller even if you are right.

So far the buyer is sending the item back, I even guided them through the process of booking the shipping.

So if all being said and done is true, we should get the item back early next week and then we can look at a refund. Exactly what I asked them to do in the first place, just they decided to use A-Z to do what I already asked them to.

We never rip people off, our ratings prove that, even to the point on our higher value items we send an engineer to the customer even it is a case that they are confused of how to use the product, and that could involve 3-4hrs on the road with a van load of tools and parts and replacement products if needed (although this is very rare).

Well I hope i dont get stung by amazon too much, time will tell, the wheels are in motion now.

Sorry to sidetrack but are you saying Amazon advised you to refund prior to receiving goods back?


I don't want to put any more water on your fire here, but paying for the return shipping is, or at least should be your company standard, asking an upset customer to pay the return cost is probably asking to much, you have very little chance of winning on an A-Z which if you don't do anything about Amazon will, then penalise you for it, plus you may well get hit with a negative feedback, the customer will always win out, there is little or no protection for the sellers when it comes to rights, I know how cheezed off you will be feeling as no one likes an A-Z claim but Amazon make the rules, and we are expected to obey them, I wish that I could say what I really would like to say but I can't or I will lose my forums priveleges or be closed down so take it from me, everyone is on your side where sellers are concerned with the exception of perhaps one or two but in the main listen to what people are saying then make your choice, refund verses A-Z that you can't win, or Negative feedback and a successful A-Z, I know what I would do in your case as much as it hurts, just do what you don't want to do, then move on, working on last years losses you can recover the losses by putting up prices.