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Suspension AGAIN

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Reinstated for 5 days, then suspended again, as a few A to Z raised for non-receipt, 2 denied by Amazon, as tracking and signature, one with tracking returned from Sweden as buyer didn't go collect it from the depot. 2 others, lost by Royal Mail and Hermes. So with those 5, I am at short term of 1.25%. Amazon want a plan, but how the hell can I plan for any of them? I add tracking to all of them...Should the 2 denied by Amazon be counted against my metrics....All this is getting ridiculous. Can someone advise how I can send a plan to Amazon to prevent non-receipts? Apart from hand delivering them all myself, what else can I possibly say?

Could start by figuring out why your non receipts are so high.

1.25% is not high....Royal Mail actually lose 6% of all post. All have tracking, 2 were fraudstars trying to get the items for nothing, which Amazon denied...How can I plan for them? Perhaps Amazon should check their buyers more thoroughly...
A Swedish buyer that cannot be bothered to go get the item, then complain he hasn't received it. One lost by RM, I gave tracking, it had a signature, but RM delivered to wrong address. How can I prevent that? That buyer also left negative feedback, so a double whammy. The one lost by Hermes, again tracking provided. Buyers are very impatient and want refund 1 day after estimated delivery, when you ask them to wait a little longer...BAM.....A toZ......Even Royal Mail state 15 working days before an item can be classed as lost....I am given 1 day....Tell me what plan can I possible give Amazon to prevent this from happening?

Royal mail lose 6 percent?

That is a lot to lose.

Not a clue about a plan. Its late though and meds are calling.

Where did you get the 6% figure from? I would have thought it would be well below 1%.

Actually I can think of one thing. One day after estimated delivery. Well, the estimated delivery time is a range and it is very long. Are you sending things late?

First of all change your tradename.
If you call yourself AlwaysDelivers, then somebody will always try to prove that you are not.
Secondly, change your delivery companies. Many online traders had problems with RM and Hermes as their tracking service is not reliable.

I send about 25,000 items a year with RM and probably get about 100 items a year 'go missing' if that's a way of putting it, most actually tend to arrive several days after they should have done.
So may be a rogue sack of post or something. Surely if you keep getting suspended you need to be looking at the real reason why you are failing?
4.30am starts and 8pm finishes seem to keep my metrics sky high and i'm sure most on here are the same.
Remember the moment you process the order the clock starts ticking. Do you advertise that you ship same day if purchased that day??

RM website claims less than 1 in 1000 items of post go missing in transit.

everything we send has a return address label attached, so the riddle has to be....if the customer does not have it and it is never returned? who does have it?

Isn't this your third suspension just this year?

Exactly what are Amazon asking for this time from you - Cut and paste the wording here.

The Lazy Cow wrote:
everything we send has a return address label attached, so the riddle has to be....if the customer does not have it and it is never returned? who does have it?

I'd like to think so.

My longterm stats are fine 0.7%, it is just the shortterm, where I have 6 A to Z's raised and 1 negative feeedback, which was raised by a buyer, who also raised an A to Z. This buyer was where a PS4 was sent with tracked service and signature received. The buyer kept stating he didn't have it, but I stated to him someone signed for it and the delivery address was his. SO he left negative feedback and raised an A to Z. On doing a lot of phone calling and emailing to Royal Mail, it appears they delivered it to an address 2 miles away. So someone basically got a free PS4. I also have my return address, but they are a lot of unscrupulous people out there. I then sent a replacement console to this buyer, as I stated on another thread.
The second A to Z was a fully tracked RM International signed for, a PS4 game to Sweden. The buyer did not collect it from the depot, as he was not in, when they tried to deliver it. It came back to me and the buyer agreed it was only fair I refund him the game cost, but not the postage, which is what I did. 2 hours later he raises an A to Z to recover the postage costs.
The third & fourth A to Z, where PS4 consoles,both delivered, one to France, one to the UK. Both signed for and on investigation from RM, both delivered to the addresses as specified. Both denied by Amazon. So really should they count as BAD performance metrics?
The fifth A to Z a buyer bought an item off me, when they received it they thought it was a brand new item, but when I showed them the listing it was listed as "used- very good". They raised an A to Z immediately on me stating this.
The last one was PS3 sent via Hermes (Who I do not use now), they hadn't a clue where the item was. I requested the buyer just hold off for a week, just in case they found it and delivered, as they were investigating it, he raised an A to Z. I refunded him.

So can someone actually reply with something helpful to appease the Amazon robots in the seller performance team, as I have given them the above breakdown and stated to them I am not sure how I could provide a plan to eradicate any of the above:

Their response as always is:

"We received your information, but your plan is not complete. Our review of your account found that some of your buyers have not received their orders. "

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What did you expect the PS4 buyer to do when you did not believe him?

The PS4 game the buyer was legally entitled to the postage. Because he had not received item.

Might I suggest you do a plan around shifting entirely to FBA? It would resolve all your issues you keep getting suspended for.

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