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Invoice to send customers. Do Amazon have available?

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Hello, recently have a few business customers after receiving goods asking for an invoice copy. We print the packing slip from Amazon page and send with good. Customers are saying this is a packing slip and not an invoice and need an invoice copy for their accountants. Is there an invoice on the Amazon system after we have sold goods so we can just print out and send with goods?
Sportslight Ltd

There is for purchases from amazon. For 3rd party sales the buyer asks the seller.
If you are vat registered then do a vat invoice. If you are not vat registered just do an invoice.

Can send word documents by email to buyer via amazon messaging system

Edited by: Martin on Jun 16, 2016 9:52 AM

No there isn't, so you have to create your own. There are various templates on the internet you could use, and then either copy and paste the order details or do a mail merge in word.

Make an invoice up of your own with your trading name and address on if they won't accept an Amazon Order Printed Copy, add the VAT number if you are registered for VAT, leave it off it you are not, once done save it where you can find it such as on your desk top and use it when you need to, it is easy really!

As both Penelope and Martin have said, you need to create your own, either VAT or Non-VAT.

We do an xlsx version then convert it to a pdf so it can't be 'tampered' with :)

Does your accounting system not produce an invoice? We use Sage for all our invoicing and we send the invoice the system produces to customers if requested