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Migrate option - at last

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WOW - finally it appears I have been offered the Migrate opportunity which has just suddenly appeared in my account settings. Terrific - but some info if poss please before I press the button - which I will be doing soon.

Can anyone tell me whether my current listings will be affected in any way or just future ones?

Any drawbacks/initial complications I need to know about?

My main reason for migrating is to set my own postage rates - given that I have never used any of Amazon files and just listed individually ( I paid Amazon Jumpstart to set me up initially) - does this mean I can go into each listing after migrate and just set my own postage rates , or even offer free, for each current listing?

I appreciate any advice from those of you who have already pressed the magic Migrate button to swap from the old selling platform to this option.

Many thanks in advance


Congratulations. One tip before you start altering your postage prices I would suggest that you revise the item price to what you want it to be after the alteration. Or simply just increase it to a high level to discourage purchasers temporariliy

I've seen sellers alter their postage prices downwards, not alter their item price immediately and then wonder why they are selling items at a loss...

thanks for response.

Listings generally not affected, as far as I can tell, though personally I seem to have lost around 200 pages of my storefront, and items are appearing randomly, rather than newest first. I think the pages are coming back slowly, but I can't be sure as I've been adding new stuff in the meantime anyway.

You will need to use upload files to set your own postage (I did) though I believe some accounts can set a postage template. (I can't). No idea if Jumpstart affects this.

You seem to get 3 months free Pro Subscription :)

Shouldn't need to use a flat file to update your shipping, as far as I know you just go into the shipping settings and edit them, then press continue and it'll take you to the prices page.

Our account recently went into Premium status, keep your metrics superbly clean and you'll get offered it, really has helped us out in terms of advertising shipping options. Plus, we have a £50 free delivery promotion on our main website, because of this new template we're now able to have that on Amazon too!

I can change the total price on my non media items as a whole, but I can't set them individually without using an upload file.

I have an old account and would like to migrate but don't seem to have the migrate button. I thought I was going to loose all my seller ratings but after reading on this forum it sounds like I might be able to migrate without loosing my ratings. Should I just wait? Will migration be available for me if I'm on the co.uk platform and not the American platform?

Thanks, Tina

Amazon tech team have to "enable" your account before you can migrate. You won't lose your ratings so that's good. When you have the "enablement" done - in your account settings there will be the live "learn more" button and then you just click OK and it will be pretty instant ( few minutes & you receive a migrate confirmed email).

Your shipping settings will default to £3.99 per shipment and a weight based calculation of 49p per kilo so you may want to pay attention to this pretty quickly after migrate. This is the only drawback I am finding with this as most of items don't have their weight already set in Amazon. (lack of free time to sort this). You can chose another shipping option if you wish. I am having to add weights to all my inventory one by one and then I will tackle the shipping override file which will let me put some of my smaller listings into free delivery or set other options on selected items.

I was waiting a long time for this opportunity so not sure what the waiting time is now - but I used Live Chat to ask the question - can I migrate yet on my old account - they will tell you No but should transfer your request to be "enabled" to the Tech team who will - eventually - do this.

I think its a great opportunity to be on a level playing field with other professional accounts but there are some initial setting alterations to be aware of. You would also be able to sell outside UK if you wish.


Thank you, that's very useful. I will ask to be enabled.