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I am used to orders pending for a little bit but usually only an hours tops.

I have one order that is pending and it has now almost been 24 hours....

Any ideas?

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you can get them pending for over a week.

we had an order in pending for over 3 weeks before it dropped off.

Buyer card issue.
Amazon lets buyer know. Either it will eventually come through or it gets cancelled.

Hi, I have a similar situation.
However in my case need a resoultion as will be closing shop for some days(5). Contacted support and have recieved this message;
I have reviewed your e-mail and as per your concern, we are currently investigating this issue.

We will provide an update as soon as additional information is available.

Thank you for selling with Amazon.

Amazon.co.uk Seller Support

We'll see what they can do

Normal method of dealing is to pack the item and either post yourself while on holiday if it comes through or get someone else to post after a quick email or call.

I have GORT4 boxed with Student Book, Examiners' Manual and Form A (14) and Form B (21).
Also GSRT, the silent reading test - Examiner's Manual and Reading Book (3) but not response sheets.
Apologies for delay in replying.


Sorry what is this in regards to?