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How to view late dispatch report?

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Hi Guys

I'm trying to view this report.
I've downloaded and saved it. The only options I have for 'save as type' are Text files or All Files, do I choose text files?

I then try and open this report in excel, but it can't be found.

Please can someone advise.

Save it as a text (txt) file.

Excel by default looks for XLS files. So when you browse your computer for the file choose All file types.

Alternatively, in windows explorer find the file > right click > Open with > Excel

Once open you can save the file as an Excel workbook


Sorry for the late response.

Thank you again for your excellent advise.

It is people like you that make this forum worthwhile.

Have a great run up to Xmas.

Amazon take note, your forum is held up by a small number of quality people. Without these guys your forum would be like a Punch and Judy show!

That's the way to do it ;)