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New Shipping Templates + Overrides

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Does anyone know what happens to SKUs that have had a shipping override applied to them when they are migrated to the new Shippings Platform?

I know that post the migration you can't use Shipping Override files anymore and must use templates but it is unclear from the help page what happens to those products that already have a override applied to them.

The help page: https://sellercentral.amazon.co.uk/gp/help/201834130 says to see the Migrate accounts that use Shipping Overrides or are used to sell media (BMVD) items section below. But that section is missing from the help page.

I've tried asking seller support but am struggling to get them to understand the issue: so far they've told me hold to use a shippings override file (which I know) and that I don't have the migrate button (which I do).

don't know but I would like to know this to.

Hi Cram and Matt,

Thanks for your posts!

The new shipping settings will not support shipping overrides as you know. In regards to any existing overrides they are ignored once you move over to the new shipping settings.
You will need to set up your desired shipping for the items and regions using the new settings.

I hope this helps.



Thanks Jessica, that's what I thought but I've got a seller support person insisting that they will be migrated.

So those products that currently have an override will they be automatically assigned to the default shipping template setup during migration or are they stuck in limbo somewhere waiting for a template to be assigned?

Also can you assign free shipping for example to certain products or is it location dependent? we use the shipping overrides for free delivery can you still do this with the new settings or will everything within that shipping region have to be free delivery?

Just had it confirmed on the phone that when you migrate any shipping overrides are in effect removed and the SKU is assigned to the default shipping template

Hi Cram,

I'm really sorry about the information you were being provided before. I'm going to follow up on that.

The items will have the default shipping setting placed on them so you will need to identify the ones you had overrides on and apply the rates to them. Hopefully you saved some of the files you uploaded if you have a lot of items with overrides.

@Matt you can assign free shipping to certain products. You need to create a template for the region and the price and then apply the template to the SKUs.

The thing with the new shipping settings is that you can have up to 20 templates to set different settings for different SKUs.
You can configure each template to set different combinations of shipping options and shipping rates. (I'm still learning about this myself but I am getting the hang of it slowly :) )

I hope this helps but please let me know if you have more questions.



Hi Jessica

I think I'm clear about how it works now. Need to do a bit of rejigging before we migrate. We started on Amazon with one postage model with a few exceptions but now the majority of our SKUs use overrides so I need to flip this round I think before we press migrate.

To be fair to the last seller support person I spoke to she did go away and clarify with someone else and then gave me another call back to make sure I hadn't pressed migrate, fortunately I had a feeling that everything would migrate to the default plan so I hadn't.

The help page could be a little bit clearer as it makes reference to a section that isn't on the page.

I keep asking myself why Amazon find it necessary to make changes constantly, then go back to where they were, it seems to me that every time I have figured out what Amazon have done they make changes and move the goal posts, this is frustrating for someone like me who is dyslectic and finds technology a challenge at the best of times, there is no such thing as a perfect solution, I work on a policy if it isn't broken then leave well alone this way it is easier for the seller to get to grasp this mad, mad world called Amazon.

To be fair I think the new shipping templates offer a higher degree of flexibility for shipping rates that wasn't available previously. If you sell within media categories there isn't much of a change