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Suspended for policy violation

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I really need your assistance (suggestions) as we're getting nothing from either seller support or seller-performance team. Our seller account has been suspended for 'policy violation' quoting 7 of our selling items as the culprits, where we design and manufacture and are the only sellers on Amazon for these particular items. No issues with claims, or defect rates for these items, so I'm more than a little confused. We've been a seller for 5yrs.

"We took this action because it has come to our attention that despite our earlier warnings to you, you have continued to list against detail pages that do not accurately describe your items or are not in accordance with our Condition Guidelines. Here are some examples of your listings that we believe violate this policy:"

We've never had a policy violation or even a warning previously, seller support are passing my emails to seller-performance and all I get back from them is a standard generic response, as above. No specifics.

I've looked at all the 7 items and really don't see what I can do to get the account re-instated.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Is it possible for you to send a link on here to show usan example of the offending items? Without this we will struggle to provide a decent response. Thanks.

Sorry, I meant 'offending listings'

here you go:

Any suggestions would be helpful.


Is this yours too?


Are you the brand Occasion?

Just a quick one for you.

Amazon stipulate that all images MUST be on a pure white background and only display what is being sold. Your backgrounds are various colours. I know I got warned about that a while back and it was worded similar to what you sent. Since changing, have had no further issues or notifications.

May not be the issue but it certainly may bite you on the bum at a late date. .

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Hi there.
Just had a look at the listing for the clock table. I see there is a item review left stating that the item isn't all chrome but infact the top is a plastic. Is this the case with the ones you sell? If so, you will need to amend the listing because it clearly states Chrome.
I know it sounds a bit nit picking but this is what is expected of us otherwise the customer will receive an item that technically isn't as described.

Will keep looking and get back to you.

Another nit pick but the cheese board with the 4 knives needs to have the 18 or older notice (like you have on the slate board one)

Again, with the slate cheesboard, Amazon listing policies state the you cant include 'extra items' in your image that aren't included in the sale, only items that are included may be included in the image otherwise (as daft as it sounds) people may assume they are getting cheese etc. Amazon dont like this.
It a right pain to be honest. I had images rejected due to the background not being white enough, even though I was using a large sheet of white paper as a backdrop. Problem was although to me it looked white, when listed against Amazons pure white background, my images had a very slight grey hue to them that was barely noticeable. Also, selling photography bits and pieces, if I sell a camera bag, the best way to show it is packed with a load of kit, however, this would violate Amazons listing practices.

I do hope I have been of some use. Hope you get things sorted and good luck.

When I view your cheese board/knife listing, Amazon also shows - under "Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought" - lots of other very similar items also photographed with actual cheese and other assorted props.

So I'm not convinced that having props in the photographs is causing the problem.

I do think, however, you should all drop the photographs which just show the Occasion logo.

yes, sold by one of our trade customers

the edge is chrome effect (actually stainless steel) and the glass is 'tempered glass'. we've sold almost 800 units since launch and just the 1 'plastic' comment.

the 18+ was added by Amazon, not by us.

I'll remove the logo and see what happens.