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Please could someone view this item for sale and let us know if the person/business is breaking any copyright laws for replicating branded characters on labels produced by themselves and classing the product as that "theme" i.e frozen, spiderman etc etc.. We have had contact with Seller Support who are opinion have been useless :/.


We have seen a lot of people of late replicating images for label (sheets) and personalised products just wondered if this is ok to do?? as like we said above Seller Support are not the best with help.

Disney, who own rights for these characters can easily close their listings, if they would send a complaint to Amazon. But because they are such a small sellers, Disney probably won't be interested. But there is always a chance, I personally wouldn't risk.

I personally would not risk this either not if your serious about your business, but we seem to be seeing more and more sellers in the party section using replicated images (this was just one example we seen this morning).

Disney and other companies like that employ lawyers to go through these sites and get listings removed, its not copyright they get pulled up on but trademark infringement,

the sellers will lose there accounts eventually.

listing was pulled 2 years ago........