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A to Z claim question

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Good morning we have had a claim filed against for an item bought nearly 3 months ago and has been used with it being a beauty product and used cannot be resold for hygiene reasons. We have responded via email so it goes to a human not a bot. However it's still shows on our amazon page. Do I have to respond to that as well ? Just worried it gets granted by a bot not a human. Thank you in advance

No, one or the other - Assuming you sent it to the correct email address?

What was the reason for the claim?

I just replied to the A to Z notification in my emails. Is that correct. They stated the fragrance wasn't as described on the listing. All I've done is listed to amazon catalogue and to be fair it is as described We have sold loads of these with no problems

IIRC you can also reply via email through the website (from the "help" link in your seller account) so you might want to double-up that way as well.

Thankyou I will do 😄

When we had one we replied to the email, and then copied the email text to the notification in our seller account, just to be on the safe side

Thank you for your help the case was closed 😄

When you reply to the email it takes time for it to show since a human has to receive it and upload it to your case.