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Received this return request

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I have received this message via amazon customer service.


We've been contacted by one of our mutual customers regarding an order placed with you.

Below is the information provided by the customer:

Order number: {order id removed}
Item: 100 Mixed Shaped Stars Hearts Bows Glitter Opaque Pony Beads for Crafts
Reason for contact: Returns & Refunds

Details: Customer is unaware of placing the order and the items are not needed and needs to be returned. Customer would like a full refund and is kindly asking if these can be collected as she would be unable to post the package. If possible, customer would like to be contacted by phone. Please research the issue and contact the customer as soon possible.

To respond to this customer, please reply to this e-mail or visit your seller account at the following link:


We hope you're able to work this out with this customer.


Customer Service Department

Not sure what to do as I can't collect it I am in yorkshire & the customer is in london. How does someone order something with out them knowing?

Edited by: [email protected] on Jan 6, 2015 8:49 AM

It's a long shot but I suppose someone else could have had access to her buyer account. As for collection you don't have to do that, however you cannot refuse to refund either. I would contact the buyer via e-mail with whatever offer you want to make. For me personally my approach would be based on the value of the item in these circumstances. I think you should offer to refund the cost of return postage.

Ps Just noticed this item sells at £3.99.....I would offer a refund and tell the buyer to dispose as they see fit. In my opinion it's not worth the possible hassle to do anything else.

Edited by: Cranberry on Jan 5, 2015 7:12 PM

Simply refund her money and ask her to donate the item to charity.

saves time and effort



Doesn't want much does she?

Do card/account hackers usually order low cost craft supplies to be delivered to the account/cardholder when they nick CC numbers? Not in my experience......

I was thinking more likely to be a member of her household/family...child?

Agreed a pro hacker would go for something of a higher value.

Be nice if she found that out for sure, let the seller know and apologise for the inconvenience but then that would mean accepting some responsibility, eh....?