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Arrives before Christmas v May arrive after Christmas

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Hi, I have noticed today that all our listings now state that the item 'May arrive after Christmas' other Sellers have 'Arrives before Christmas' How do we change this. We despatch all items within 24 hours either 1st or 2nd Class Royal Mail. All items are UK held stock and last posting date for 2nd class is still 9 days away and 1st class 11 days away. We regularly beat, by days the Amazon expected delivery window. Help please.................................

Currently a mere nine threads down from this one:


I'm sorry but I can't see in the thread how we CHANGE the message - this was the question

Sellers cannot change the message - Amazon determines the message based on a seller's shipping settings. If the seller does not offer expedited delivery then they are stuck with "May not arrive".

It is explained in the notification on seller's home pages.

If you're selling media items you can't change it, if you're not see Jessica's and Baby Knows Best's reply on this thread, particularly

Sellers will not have the ability to set Christmas shipping cut-off dates manually.


It would appear it all depends on the handling time and whether you've offered expedited and sellers are unable to change the shipping dates.

Its amazon's decision and its darn annoying not to mention capable of costing a lot.

Hi just got my first customer query about Xmas delivery times

"I see your delivery window is from 10 December to 24th. Not on, I'm afraid. If it's not with me by this Friday 12th it'll be too late for my purposes and I'll have to return it untouched for a refund when it DOES eventually get here.

Just to let you know...."

Obviously I shall expect more of this, but why need it happen? Goodness knows the cut off is Dec 20th for First class mail and yet we are only at Dec 9th

Every year Amazon places that notice about not getting your item, it is not helpful, it only worries potential buyers

Martin wrote:
Its amazon's decision and its darn annoying not to mention capable of costing a lot.

Unless that customer has paid for expedited I wouldn't bother trying to please them. It's a neg waiting to happen. Amazon doesn't require you to guarantee delivery within 2 or 3, they only require you to dispatch within 2 working days of order being made. That customer is being unreasonable and they well know it.

Just a thought.... I always state on my item description dispatch the same or next working day. I haven`t had any problems so far!

I used to add the comment "dispatched by next day at the latest by first class post" to my item comments but I could never decide whether it influenced buyers or not. I think good feedback makes more impact, as that's based on actual buyer experiences. From a personal point of view it's feedback comments that helps me decide who I spend my money with on Amazon.

Hi Chris

We put a condition note, posted same day if ordered by 2pm, sent 1st class - but that's only visible if you're one of several sellers - on most of our items we're the only seller, so the buyers don't see it anyway. It's also in the about seller bit, but we rely on them to read it. No other way of letting them know! Infuriating


Absolutely agree about the feedback. I also include on my hand written reciepts Thanks for your order! Please consider leaving feedback. I have had really good feedback through this with some commenting on the fact that as a buyer they were being asked for feedback, not badgered for it.

I think feedback is one of the biggest selling tools we have as sellers as even negative feedback can be useful. I think it`s down to how you respond to feedback too.

I just tried to buy a book on Amazon from another seller as I don't have one in stock for my customer - I need it within 7 days for when he wants to collect it. The sellers notes says dispatch 2-5 working days but at checkout it says "delivered by 27th Dec" Now, as a buyer, would you take the risk and which comment would you trust?

PS I'm not blaming the seller - this is obviously related to Amazon Christmas policy.

Put me off anyway - back to my wholesaler


Not only is this a problem, we had an Amazon estimated delivery date to send to Romania of 44 days ... I could walk there in that time. It actually arrived and was delivered in around 6 days.

Whoever sets the system parameters might not have heard of airplanes ?