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Why Amazon not helping to remove a negative feedback?

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Sold an item on 7th Oct. And customer left feedback on 9th Oct saying Item Not arrived on time. But the expected delivery date was 11th-15th Oct. On 8th Oct the buyer sent email saying he paid 3 days ago but the item not delivered yet but the fact is he ordered just 1 day before. I wrote to amzon giving the evidence of order date, expected dispatch & delivery date, communication between me and the buyer. Amazon replied 'I understand the delivery date is not due yet but can't delet the feedback as the buyer is not happy with shipping time'. And suggested me to contact the customer politely so he can delete it.

The buyer didn't reply to my mail. Being a new seller the feedback seriously affected my ratings. What else I can do to improve my rating. Don't know why Amazon allow people to leave feedback before delivery due date, before having the item in hand customer saying - not arrived on time, item not as described etc.

Just leave calm factual response to feedback for other buyers to see. This buyer will probably never see it but dozens more probably will. So write for them.

Buyers do not always get the emails you can however write to their address.

Edited by: Martin on Oct 15, 2014 7:21 PM

Contact Amazon CS again. And if necessary again.

Don't leave any kind of response to the feedback until you've tried everything else.

If you sold it on the 7th and they had it by the 9th that's excellent and you should be getting commended by the buyer not punished. I do wonder if your buyer has left the feedback for the wrong item as this is very easy to do especially on a mobile. As Rupert Bear has suggested get back to seller support and point out the time line again, emphasising just what a brilliant service you actually provided. Your customer may be saying he's unhappy about the timeline but the reality of him receiving it within 2 days should triumph over this nonsense. If they come back to you still refusing, at the bottom of the email it'll say does this answer your question? Hit the no link and it will re-open the case. Reiterate your position and ask for it to be escalated to a manager. Hopefully common-sense will eventually prevail, but don't give up, be persistent. Best of luck!