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Catalogue Corruption

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There is only one version of this product (2 if you include the compatible). These guys think we need 219 versions......come on Amazon its your catalogue



And each of them will doubtless claim IP rights to "their" listing!?

4 colours of the ink so 8 possible sku's and they've created almost 900 listings for them!!!!!!

they all seem to be supplied by the same seller so IP rights are not the issue here

Oh, right. Super-double-plus weird. Maybe an uploader gone beserk?

Should all be reported I guess but who has the time!

Remember you will need to report every ASIN, amazon are not capable to do that themselves!

All done on purpose and all reported. Happens all the time with ink complete and utter mess.

I find it much easier just to buy ink carts on eBay, but even they are making it difficult with their multi-variation listings.