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Change pricing of postage can't find out how greeting cards

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Hi My shipping is 3.99 per greeting card
And other sellers are able to sell theirs with 0.89p shipping.

I was told this is my standard shipping rate and cannot be changed why do they have different shipping for the same type of product?

And how can i make it cheaper!

Regards Scott

Hi Scott

Pro-sellers can set their own shipping rates, non-pro-sellers cannot I believe, so going down the pro-seller route is the only way you can set your own.

£3.99 sounds a lot for a greetings card, I hate to ask, but is it in the right category?


Thanks for the reply Alison, I know it seems and extortionate amount.

I asked the question to Amazon a while back and they said yes! But I just can't believe it that's why I came on here.

It has stopped me even trying to do more with Amazon, if I could correct it I would upload many more cards.

Regards Scott

Have you thought of doing pro-seller (which costs a monthly fee) in order to set own postage?

Unless you're on an old account, in which case you're buggered!

I've just listed a keyring for £1, postage £4.59!

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I have gone through to make sure I am in the correct category and I am. It is £3.99
I didn't want to go pro as I want to see if they would sell at all first.

It seems they have done this just to make you go pro as this is completely useless.

The only way I can see is if I sell a pack of cards so I make less on the card but the profit on the posting??

Any other ideas would be very grateful.

Regards Scott

I agree that's your best option - selling the cards for, £1 for example and then the postage will cover your full costs but that relies on people not thinking they are being ripped off for postage and understanding how you've worked out the price they pay!

Fingers crossed.

Thanks I am experimenting with a pack of four cards that are all same genre at a low price then I think people might think the higher posting charge is ok!

Regards Scott

Agreed I'd go with the pack. I've seen lots of neg feedback for excessive postage charges, highly unfair as the seller can do nothing about it. An alternative is to mention in your comments that postage is set by Amazon, however this relies on buyers reading the comments box which they don't always do.