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Buy Now - How do I get to the top of the list

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I'm new to Amazon selling and have been on the market for about 2 months. I've had a few orders and good feedback but was wondering how I get on the right hand "Also available from" menu. They can find me if they click "See more buying options" but that seems like going around the houses.

So I was wondering how I get on that menu and/or how I become the primary seller? (by the way i'm talking about for products where my prices are the lowest)

Thanks Everyone

This is the infamous buy box and how to get in there is not entirely straightforward nor is it somewhere even long standing sellers can get in, but there will now follow a lot of very good advice from very seasoned sellers - good luck! :-)

You need to have been selling for at least three months before you are eligible, then as long as you tick all Amazons boxes you will get your go in the Buy Box.

The algorithm Amazon use to decide who gets the buy box involves several factors. Firstly, as others have said, you need to have been selling for more than 3 months. Other factors then include:

  • sales volume. Those who sell the most are favoured.
  • stock levels. Sellers with larger quantities of the item in question have an advantage.
  • seller performance.
  • price. It isn't always the lowest price that gets the buy box, but it helps.
  • FBA sellers seem to get preference

I have no idea what precise weighting is given to these (and possibly other) factors.


Best advice I can give to anyone is - forget the box exists !

We will never know what weighting Amazon puts on what aspects of a Seller's business/performance. There are a host of things which may effect the League Table, we may not even be able to imagine them all.

Imagine you are selling at an outdoor market, and there are many other sellers trading the same wares as you. Within reason, spend your precious time doing whatever you would do there to make the visitors to your market buy from you rather than other sellers - and forget the box exists!

I have got a related query - but it should go as follows: "How do I NOT get to the top of the list (buy box)?"
I am curious, I am getting buy boxes either on time sharing with other sellers or when there are no other sellers and I am the only one, I am getting the buy box when I list an item. However, recently I listed an item, there are no other sellers, I am the only one, and I haven't got the buy box. There is no buy box with this item at all. How is it possible? I am intrigued.

If you are the ONLY seller, the "Buy Box" is superfluous as there needs to be multiple sellers to whom the algorithm is to be applied - they can only 'promote' (the aim of the box) one seller - you !

No, it is not the case, I do have few products for which I am the only seller and have got a buy box!
This is why I am interested why I haven't got the buy box with this one particular product while I get it with all the other products in what seems to be an identical context (i.e., being the only seller).

Yes, I've got the buy box on a couple of products I am the only seller on.

wow thanks everyone, great advice and very informative. Brilliant forum, thanks!