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Just noticed a spam customer email from Amazon that arrived in my inbox over night which I duly deleted. But it also shows up in my message box on my seller account so don't let it sit there "unanswered" over 24 hours or your metrics will suffer.

We've had a fair few of those recently, all containing dodgy links. Or at least I am guessing they're dodgy!

AFAIK, if you mark a message as "no reply required", the dent in your metrics goes away even if you do it after more than 24 hours. And you can still reply if you need to.

That's interesting and very useful to know, thank you. I wonder if the reisdent Amazonian could confirm that for us?


Don't know about the Amazonian, but I can confirm it.

Tick the box, submit, and your Unanswered Messages goes back down to Zero.
Don't know what happens with the new Imperfect Orders report when you get round to replying to the message after the weekend though ;-)

Ali, better still, just tick it and see what happens.

As far as I remember (haven't done it for a while), you can still reply to a "no reply required" message.

You can indeed.

I often mark messages as no response needed when it's late at night and I haven't got the brain capacity to reply, then I send an email bright and early the next morning.

Stealthy metrics!

Hi Alison,

artbookreview is correct :)

If you receive a message that does not need to be responded to, you can tick the "Mark as no response needed" box and this will exclude the message from your contact response time metrics.

Searching for 'buyer seller messaging' in the help pages of Seller Central will provide much more information regarding this also.

I hope this helps :)



Hi Jessica

Thanks for confirming no effect on the greater than 24 hours metric bit :)