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Hi I am manually loading stock and have come across Platinum Keywords, could someone let me know what this is
and do I put my keywords in this section? Cheers.


When editing your product, just click on the Platinum Keywords hyperlink and you'll see the following definition: "Only for Platinum Anchor merchants. Indicate your platinum keywords for this item. Child items should only use Platinum Keywords that are also assigned to the associated parent items".

So if you are a Platinum Anchor merchant (whatever that is!) you can enter your keywords there. Otherwise you should put them in the "Search Terms" fields lower down on the Keywords tab page.


Beautiful Baby Ltd posted on: 12 May, 2013 12:17 PM :
... I ... have come across Platinum Keywords, could someone let me know what this is ... ?

What i find both interesting and somewhat disturbing is the eHow article is the bit in the description about "Platinum Merchants preferential perks including higher visibility of their product pages and item listings over items from lower tiered merchants."

To me that means that as I have felt for sometime when no sales are coming through this is possibly the result of manipulation by Amazon - I don't mean necessarily on a one to one level but probably on a banding level. So when we have all been going on about it feeling like our listings at certain times 'become invisible' that's is very probably what has actually happened :(

There is a distinct waft of Haddock about this!


Is there a way of finding out if a competitor is built of platinum? Do they get something marked on their seller name or storefront? Am convinced now, after not even knowing that this hierarchy existed, that one of our competitors is at least gold if not platinum. In fact, prior to reading this thread, I had given serious thought that they were bribing AMZ for the amount of time they get the buy box!

conspiracy theory a go go


Yes I said "a go go"

Since we stopped our orders being fulfilled by Amazon our listings have literally become invisible! We have carried out extensive keyword work for all listings and even used paid promotion but listing are still not appearing when searching. Convinced this is yet another sly move from sinking Amazon...

Is there currently demand for your products? What are your competitors doing?


Thank you for your post.

I am sorry that you have been unable to locate your items.

I have checked your account and can see that you have not yet completed the verification process. I would recommend that you log into your seller account and go to the Account Info page. The required information will be noted in the yellow banner at the top of the page.

I would advise that you review the following help page for more details about the verification process.
Required Information to Sell on Amazon.

Once you have submitted the requested information it will take the verification team 5 working days to review it. If they need further details they will contact you directly. You will also be notified when you have completed verification. Once you have completed it your items will be available for sale on the website.

I hope this information is of help.



Amazon has different merchant statuses for the individuals and companies that sell on its website with differing fee structures, product visibility and classes of product merchants can put up for sale. The highest of these statuses, platinum merchants, get preferential visibility and can sell the widest variety of items.

Merchant Levels

Amazon's pro merchants can move up to gold and platinum merchant status. Platinum merchants are the highest tier of Amazon's sellers, and receive a number of preferential perks. These include improved visibility of their product pages and item listings over items from lower tiered merchants, as well as the ability to sell items in categories which are restricted to platinum merchants. This restriction is meant to ensure that only merchants which Amazon deems to be high quality are selling items such as clothing or computers on its site.

Getting Platinum Status:

Amazon invites pro merchants into its platinum tier based on monthly sales volume, customer feedback, and a number of other criteria which Amazon does not disclose. Amazon will send invitations to join the upper tiers to existing merchants that meet its criteria, as well as reaching out to major retailers to directly join the program and sell their products on Amazon. Existing pro merchants who have not received an invitation to become a platinum merchant can also contact Amazon directly to ask to be considered for platinum merchant status.

Read more : http://www.ehow.com/info_12197761_amazon-platinum-merchant.html

Is that a new thing or an old thing no longer used?

It's the only reference i could find, it's not mentioned anywhere on Amazon pages, so as it is by invite only i wonder if anyone on here has had an invite.

Interesting. I always wondered what this was. I always filled in the keywords anyway, just in case I became or had become a Platinum merchant without knowing it!

It obviously aids visibility in the search engines or there would be no point in adding extra key words to match searches would there?

It would be interesting if anyone knew at what point a seller becomes platinum, like turnover of £500,000 for example.