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How do you get rid of a returns request?

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Up to now everybody wanting a return has just emailed me and I've just processed a refund when the item has been sent back. However, a few weeks ago someone used the return request option, so it shows up on my dashboard.

I just refunded as I usually do and assumed that would be the end of the matter.
However, the return request is still showing on my dashboard although it does say 'prior refund applied'. I have four options...

1) Authorise - (Whatever that's supposed to mean)

2) Deny request - (Possibly the most sensible option, however does this send a message to the buyer telling them what an awful seller I am, and will Amazon give me a slap?)

3) Issue refund - (Don't want to choose that as I've already refunded).

4) Contact buyer - (Doesn't seem much point doing that. The buyer has had their refund and is happy, and presumably the return request will still be showing on the dashboard afterwards anyway).

Anyone else had this problem, how can I get rid of the return request from my dashboard without World War III breaking out?

Just authorise it and it will disappear from your dashboard. As you have already refunded there is nothing else to do. Hope this helps.

Technically, when a buyer wants to return an item they should go through the official process of requesting a return so you can authorise it and then there's a visible "paper trail" for you, the buyer and indeed AMZ to follow.

By any chance are you SpeedyHen?

If you hit deny it comes up with a drop down menu for reasons, one of which is item refunded. The return request is then removed

Thanks Rivermead, that's killed it.

(B-C Books - No)

yeah i found it out myself through trial and error - intuitive it isn't!


I'm still curious to know what the difference between 'Authorise' and 'Issue a refund' is?

Maybe it means that you 'authorise' the refund but the customer doesn't actually receive it.
I'd like to think so... that's obviously the way to go in future.

it's the fact that it generates an RMA number that puts me off. If I've already refunded that's not what I want.

I think you 'authorise' that you're happy to accept the return and provide a refund. Once you have received the goods back, you then 'issue' the actual refund.
That's my understanding of it.