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Today the postman delivered an unexpected but recognisable package. It was a book I had sold on 2nd May, returned unopened, with my return address sticker being the means by which Royal Mail repatriated the package.

The book was quite expensive, and therefore sent COLLECT+, ie tracked. The delivery address was to a person in an office, and on delivery someone there had simply written on the package “R.T.S – no longer here”, and dropped it into the nearest ROYAL MAIL post box.

What is most unusual is that at any stage of this return process (which would be a new delivery for them) Royal Mail didn’t find it necessary to calculate the cost of returning the package and put a large postage-due stamp on it. They simply followed the scribbled note without a thought and returned it to me without charge. Most helpful!.

Following on, I’ve now heard from the purchaser, who asks me to send it back to the same address, but to CHANGE THE COMPANY NAME. The mind boggles that apparently the mail department in that company knows neither the buyer, nor the company’s previous name. Perhaps they get a lot of junk packages, and just take the simplest option.

mmmm curiouser & curiouser ......

one wonders who is paying for the 2nd delivery !

Interesting one.

If Amazon got wind of this they might tell you that, for security reasons, the buyer cannot change the delivery address once the order has been placed (even though it is a simple change of company name at the same address). AMZ might probably say that the buyer should cancel the order, seller should refund and the buyer must re-order giving the correct delivery address.

I say this because we had the same situation and that's what AMZ told us. They then said as a business it was our business decision on what we should do (sitting in fences springs to mind)


You are lucky they decided to return by Royal Mail rather than refuse delivery, or the package would likely have been returned to Amazon and vanished into the black hole.

I would treat this as a customer return (as Amazon would themselves) and refund, the buyer could then reorder with the amended address.

(sitting in fences springs to mind)

On fences even, LOL :)